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    107107The implications of this change for our Leadership Committee and much of its structure are radical as are the implications for our strategic work and coalition building. But those conversations are only relevant after we have discussed our direction and role.
     111Why You Should Vote NO and NOT APPROVE the “POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT” document.
     113The first of the organizing documents, the one entitled “Political Environment” is not a serious document and I think those who view it “as is” will jump to the wrong conclusion - that MayFirst is not a serious organization.  That’s why I ask everyone to vote NO, not to approve this document.  To start at the beginning, the very first line of this first document is:
     115“The human race is facing imminent extinction” . 
     116Imminent means “ready to take place” and “happening very soon” with the dictionary using the example that “These patients are facing imminent death.”  (
     118Extinction “is the end of an organism or of a group of organisms, normally a species. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of the species” (
     120Hyperbole aside, is there anyone other than some fanatics who truly believe that “The human race is facing imminent extinction”??  Reasonable people on the left certainly differ on the extent of a climate change challenge.  In fact, reasonable people on the left also differ on whether there is even a climate challenge to be confronted at all.  My very different take on this, complete with citations from mainstream sources, for one example, can be found on the MayFirst hosted webpages: Global Warming is a Fake Catastrophe at  (In short, “This global warming theory is a crock and a dangerous one at that because it is giving those who get to decide how the resources of the globe are currently spent an excuse to waste our resources on more expensive forms of energy when cheaper forms are not, in fact, causing any global warming.   Instead of creating expensive new forms of energy, our efforts should be targeted to getting energy to the 25 percent of humanity still forced to live without electricity as quickly (and by necessity as cheaply) as we can.  That’s because the lack of electricity is not just an inconvenience for ¼ of us, it kills 5,400 people each day . . .”) with my 2013 update at and another update coming soon.
     122I am NOT asking Mayfirst members to debate whether global warming is real or not.  I am asking the opposite in fact – that Mayfirst stick to the realm of its expertise in its organizational documents – you know, the IT geek (meant as a compliment, not an insult!) stuff of the internet, computers, mobile phones and other communicative technologies to assist the left in finally creating a (non-capitalist) World where nobody starves, everyone has electricity, shelter, cleaning running water, access to information including the internet,  etc., etc., etc.    All references, whether explicit or implicit in this “Political Environment” document, to climate change, global warming, the  man-made technology which has led to a catastrophe of human extinction, the necessity of “saving the human race”, including the documents subtitle ‘The Human Crisis and May First’s Future’ should be deleted from this document.
     124What instead should be in its place, in Mayfirst’s “Political Environment” document?   I think instead it should relate to the political environment not of the planet, not that type of “environment”, but of the political environment which concerns Mayfirst’s expertise as reflected in its missions and goals.  For example, I think it should begin by indicating how very few people, only 43 percent of the world, can now access the internet through a computer or phone.  It could also indicate the political dangers of having access to all of human knowledge on the internet controlled by a mega corporation’s decision on what search results to show its users:  “search engines are molded to reproduce prevailing ideologies. . . The programmable nature of search engines makes it possible for political authorities, search firms and other powerful interest groups to shape and control social realities via search.”. (That statistic and those quotes can be found at my “How to Search the Internet Plus Google’s Evil Politics and Control of the World’s Knowledge – A Very Brief Introduction” at .)  It could also go into detail as to what free and open access software gains have been made and current efforts of expansion, and the like.  In short, the MayFirst “Political Environment” document should concern the political environment facing Mayfirst’s mission and goals, examples of which I’ve given in this paragraph, not the mantra of portions of the left’s visions regarding an ‘environmental movement’ when there are contrary left visions of what same is and should be.
     126To conclude, at this stage of the Mayfirst Organization Document process, one can only vote “yes” or “no”, to the final versions being presented, rather than suggest edits to these documents.  For all the reasons outlined above, please vote NO, vote DOWN, the organizational document entitled “Political Environment”.
     128Thanks very much for your time and consideration!
     130Member Angie D’Urso,