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    181 == Interpreter Signup ==
    183  * Interpreter one:
    184  * Interpreter two:
    185  * Interpreter three:
    187 Submit your own [ proposal].
     181== Notes from face to face meeting ==
     183        Democracy Mesa at MFPL Member meeting
     185Restructuring the Leadership Committee                         
     187We propose to defer making changes to the leadership structure of the organization for one year. This year will include an ongoing conversation into the varying definitions and concepts of democracy.  We will spend the year making online and face to face interaction with our members a priority including the creation of working groups.  A combination of activities will include face to face interactions, meetings, and trainings related to theoretical and practical actions in the broader activist community. These interactions will involve the mutual exchange of ideas of knowledge on the technical and political future of the movement.  We will partner with politically affiliated organizations and projects with the message and mission of exploring and expanding upon the politics of technology
     189Promotion Mayfirst Identity Mexico
     190to obtain more and better member participation we need develop communication strategies, with personal dialogue and face to face events among members.
     192Mayfirst Cooperative Mexico
     193Celebrate previously a meeting with interested members  in all regions of Mexico so that the scope, commitments and levels of participation posible are clear before the formal act.
     195Creation of the Cooperative
     196Celebrate the creation with individuals who can represent their organization but who personally asume the responsabilities and tasks included in the plans and programs. These commitments include working and respecting the values and principles that exist for cooperatives in Mexico.
     198Alternative form of temporary participation in the coop
     199Design an alternative for Mexican members that want to see how the coop operates and what results it obtains before joining. For example a Consultive Council where these members can give their opinion but without the right to vote. This implies a gradual integration of coop. members.
     201New Organic Structure Mayfirst
     202We approve the proposal made by Alfedo increasing the LC from 15 to 25 members and working with an Administration Committe, with 4 or 5 people with clear responsibilities, creating task groups and including a responsible for international expantion. We also see that in the coming years the demand for Mayfirst will grow significally.
     204Voluntary Work.
     205We propose that volutary work be an obligation for cooperative members but a right for non members who are part of the benefited community, which is the second objetive of the coop work.
     207Payment up dating by members
     208Every three months we must send statement accounts to members who are not up to date on their contributions to Mayfirst, at least for 2014. Once this is resolved, the accounts should be sent yearly, with a coordinated payment program between Mexico and NY.
     210Mayfirst International Growth
     211We propose that once the Mexican experience reaches a minimun level of consolidation, other countries can be promoted, based on this model but with a solid previous plan which must consider both political and operating considerations.
     216There are questions about how to approach this:
     217        * There are two proposals
     218                * Decision Making Structure ( )
     219                        * One is a list of the conversation of calls that development in Democracy calls ( )
     220                                * We will look at the LC Concerns link above to reference, this proposal is made by Jamie with some modification in the past two years
     221                                * We need something agile, but allows for continuity & leveling the inequalities
     222                                * LC hasn't fully formed, so we need to see how to make it real so it is lead by movement
     223                        * Working Group notes are here:
     224                                * May answer concerns to reaching diversity
     225                                * Making boundary to entry more pourus
     226                                * Cocern with privilege coming in
     227                        * Both proposals have concerns, which haven't been answered
     228                        * What does the movement need from us?
     229                        * How do we get engaged in a proposal process that is more open to those who are not core team members or have a long history
     230        * How do we have the conversation about democracy we need to broaded the conversation.
     231                        * What tools can we use to have these conversations that it can be organized around
     232                        * Have more than once a year member meetings to have more discourse
     233                                * Looking at doing monthly phone sessions
     234                                * Face to face are the most effective (F2F)
     235                        * Making democracy a living thing to figure out what it morphs in too, do it in an urgent way doesn't solve anything
     240                * The other is ByLaws ( )