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    1111 * Instead of reading the reports and then having a discussion, we will distribute the reports and invite a handful of members or other people to comment on the political report as a prelude to discussion. This avoids needless time reading reports, offers a more interesting draw for our members (if we can bring known people to comment), and helps frame the membership meeting around topics useful for us to be discussing.
    12  * Instead of using the collaborative democracy workshop to choose the 6 areas for us to focus on, solicit actual proposals from the membership and preseed the workshop with these proposals, indicating that all proposals endorsed by a certain percentage of groups will be passed (see guidelines and more info on this topic below).
     12 * Instead of pre-seeding the collaborative democracy workshop with priorities written by the directors, we will design a survey to ask for feedback on a lightly revised set of priorities based on the 6 we agreed to last year, with an option to propose a new priority area. The priorities will be revised to help demonstrate the scope of a "guideline" to help generate more useful feedback. We will use the results of the survey to prepoluate the list of priorities for this year's collaborative democracy workshop.,
    1313 * Direct video link between Mexico City and New York City, with equal presentation from both cities.
    1414 * Instead of limiting voting to a one hour period at the meeting, allow voting to happen for a full week, online-only (any who wants to vote at the meeting in person will be provided with assistance in voting online), up to one hour prior to the end of the meeting
    2222 * Announce request for nominations for the leadership committee. This announcement should be accompanied by a [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/job-description leadership committee job description], that describes what is expected if you are elected to the leadership committee. Leadership committee nominees will be expected to provide a statement of their goals for the organization.
    23  * Announce request for proposals to be discussed at the leadership committee, which should come with [wiki:projects/membership-meeting/proposal-guidelines guidelines for submitting proposals], to ensure that we are not wasting our time discussing proposals that MFPL can't implement or that are clearly out of scope for our organizations
     23 * Send survey of proposed priorities to the membership, which should come with [wiki:projects/membership-meeting/priority-guidelines guidelines for priorities], to ensure that we are not wasting our time discussing priorities that MFPL can't implement or that are clearly out of scope for our organization.
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