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Pre-seeded Priorities

The following priorities were chosen by the outgoing Leadership Committee and the membership ranked them in a survey (71 responses ranking them from 1 for not important to 5 for very important - the averages are included in parentheses below). They will be beginning of the conversation for choosing this year's priorities. The membership's responsibility is to modify these seven priorities. They can be changed in small ways or in major ways (and can even be replaced). However, there can only be seven priorities.

  • Ensure stable, fast, secure and reliable hosting services (4.75)
  • Actively target recruitment and develop leadership of people historically blocked from accessing, developing and having ownership over technology (4.27)
  • Participate in and provide technology support to major left movement struggles (4.11)
  • Help build the movement for free/open source software and an open and accessible Internet, particularly within the broader left (4.10)
  • Raise the technology capacity of our members to use free and open source tools for organizing (4.10)
  • Promote the Internet as a means for strengthening international alliances and struggles (3.72)
  • Build unity among MF/PL members around a shared vision of the future of the Internet (3.47)