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equipment catalog for MF/PL 2012 membership meeting

We need to try to catalog the following details of A/V and networking equipment at each site:

  • projector (model number, native resolution, list of functional inputs)
  • amplified speakers (input type, number of channels)
  • PA system/mixing board (model number, inputs, outputs)
  • microphones (wired/wireless, lapel/headset/hand-held/room, battery type, connector, cable length)
  • Local network link (wired/wireless, administrative quirks, number of clients supported)
  • Internet connectivity (upload/download bandwidth, link type, other shared users that we might be competing with)

we should also enumerate the equipment we'll be bringing to each location

on-site gear at the Brecht Forum (NYC site)

to bring to the Brecht Forum

on-site gear the Mexico City site

to bring to Mexico City site

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