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    1717Juan Gerardo is trained in physics, engineering and economic planning. He worked in hardware development in Mexico, Germany and Cuba for the better part of his decades-long career. He is currently the Coordinator General of the Cooperative Society for the Advancement of Social Advisers (SCAAS) and has facilitated of over 200 workshops and training courses for collective organizations in Mexico and Central America. He is a member of the Advisory Council for the Promotion of Cooperatives GDF and is Secretary of the Union of Mexico City (DF) and Speaker of the National Coordinating Committee of Cooperative Unions and Federations. He was president of the Union of Cooperatives of Mexico City (DF), president of the Commission on the Solidarity Economy of the National Confederation of Cooperatives of Diverse Activities of Mexico. He has published many works on the cooperative and solidarity economy in North America.
    19 === Louis Head - Southwest Organizing Project ===
     19=== Louis Head ===
    2020Louis works as Facilitator of the South by Southwest Experiment, a partnership between Southern Echo (Mississippi), Southwest Workers Union (Texas) and the SouthWest Organizing Project (New Mexico). From 1982-1998 he worked on the staff of SWOP, and is a former Board member. He later co-founded and directed the Cuba Research and Analysis Group, which engaged in a variety of exchange and applied research efforts related to Cuba and US-Cuba relations, including work with artists and arts presenters to re-open cultural pathways between the two countries. He has served on the National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum, within which he worked to increase global south participation at the 2010 USSF in Detroit.