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    2727== Next meeting ==
    29 The next phone meeting of the Leadership Committee meeting will be our [wiki:/projects/leadership-committee/meetings/2014-02-15 face to face meeting in Mexico the weekend of February 15 and 15].
     29The next meeting of the Leadership Committee meeting will be our [wiki:/projects/leadership-committee/meetings/2014-02-15 face to face meeting in Mexico the weekend of February 15 and 15].
    3131== LC Call-in Procedures ==
    4545For admin information about the software, please see the [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla-admin mexcla admin page].
    47 == Proposal for Re-organization ==
    49 (This proposal is being submitted for LC discussion)
    51 Our accomplishments this year have been considerable. We are stronger technologically. We have a higher profile in some movement circles. But these accomplishments, in the context of the changing political situation, the redefining by our governments of their social contracts and the growing movements of resistance demand improvements in our membership policies, diversity in the leadership of the organization, consciousness development among our members and the deepening of our involvement in the progressive and social justice movements.
    53 To address this situation, we need to rethink and recast the way we have organized the implementation of LC decisions.
    55 Proposal
    57 The LC should form the following member workgroups and assign an LC member to each. This LC member's responsibility is to recruit MF/PL members to work on the workgroup and serve as the workgroup's coordinator.
    59 Those group coordinators should meet weekly as an administrative committee to coordinate work and make decisions.
    61 Each of these groups will submit a budget to the Leadership Committee in December or January for LC approval.
    63 === Infrastructure and Security ===
    65 This group is responsible for all the infra-structural functions of the organization including server system planning, upgrade and maintenance; member technical support; technologist development; and security.
    67 === Membership and Internal Operations ===
    69 This group oversees all member-related work and basic administrative and organizational operations. It is in charge of membership intake; communications with members (including internationalization); member orientation and discussion programs; and all administrative functions.
    71 === Outreach and Communications ===
    73 This group is charged with our external relations and profile. It produces the materials we use, schedules our appearances and conference attendances, develops and works with our blog and media contacts, develops relations with other organizations and prepares periodic official statements under LC direction.
    75 === International ===
    77 This group is encharged with all our international relations including our work with organizations like APC, international conferences and visibility, communications and recruitment work in countries outside of the U.S. and Mexico.
    79 Note: this proposal eliminates the Co-Director position and the staff. All current "work teams" are to be folded into the above workgroups.
    81 == Proposal on Temporary Leadership ==
    83 Appoint Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco as temporary chair until December meeting.
    85 Appoint Jamie McClelland and Enrique Rosas as temporary Co-Directors to make emergency decisions and oversee implementation during November. They may not make decisions that will impact the organization beyond November and must refrain from all long and mid-term planning.
    87 == (NOTE: the following committees would be replaced by the groups formed in the above proposal) ==
    89 == Subcommittees ==
    91 === Democracy ===
    93 MF/PL has committed itself to becoming an organization built on a robust democracy among its members. How would we characterize our current democratic behavior? When do the decisions of our member organizations about the hosting of their resources and development of their infra-structure take on a political dimension? What concrete conditions would raise the level of democratic participation among our members? What kind of decision-making process do we need to develop and how do we do that?
    95 In relationship to those questions, last year's Leadership Committee drafted a [wiki:leadership-committee/structure structure document] that could be used as a basis for moving forward.
    97 This sub-committee is responsible for expanding the [wiki:leadership-committee/structure structure document] drafted last year into a formal proposal for organizational decision-making. The proposal should include the rules governing our decision-making as well as a process for having it approved by the membership. This proposal, or minimally a comprehensive outline, should be ready in time for our face-to-face meeting in February. This committee will collaborate with the Membership and Agenda committee in planning for the next membership meeting.
    99 This sub-committee should use the following page for its work: [wiki:leadership-committee/structure structure], revising as necessary.
    101 === Promotion and Communication ===
    103 To meet our political objectives, MF/PL has to define a strategy that involves what our members consider priority work in the bi-national situation in which we find ourselves, while building our infra-structure and the number of active members, broadening our human resources, our presence throughout the Hemisphere and our political influence.
    105 What strategy do we need to meet both those goals?
    107 Internally, MF/PL can serve as a vehicle for facilitating contact, collaboration and mutual support among our members as well as being a channel for information about their activities, perspectives and struggles. How do we do that? Should we have an "opt-in" members' directory with contact information and description of activities? What about an information system for news and analysis from our members reflecting their political and organizational experiences and those of their constituents and communities?
    109 Given the serious social and political contradictions many members face, like those emanating from war, violence or repression, is it necessary and appropriate for MF/PL to participate in solidarity actions? Based on our commitment to Internet freedom and transparency as a political goal and area of work for us, how does the pursuit of such solidarity strengthen our work and how does it detract from it?
    111 Externally, MF/PL needs to develop promotion and recruitment that attracts new members, develop and grow its technical support and broaden its capabilities. How do we attract and/develop technologists who share our political perspective and commitment to social change?
    113 How do we identify the people who work on Internet governance and regulation, the important telecommunications corporations, the network of allied organizations and other important forces? What factors are important in our relationship to and with those people?
    115 These responses should develop a draft plan to be presented at our face-to-face meeting February 9 and 10. A beginning document has been prepared to enhance the committee's work which is located here: [wiki:leadership-committee/promotion promotion and communications plan]
    117 === Voluntary and Contracted work Subcommittee ===
    119 For MF/PL, voluntary work is an expression of the commitment to our organization and the morale of its members and it has always been an essential aspect of our organizational work and life. At the same time, there are concrete needs that our volunteer workers cannot meet. Thanks to the enormous contribution of our members, volunteers and staff, MF/PL has the resources to pay for work in some important areas of our operations. We consider the decisions on who is hired and for what work to be a Co-Directors' responsibility since they oversee our operations but we also need to develop a general strategic vision and policy about what work is needed and what type of person we hire and/or recruit to do that work.
    121 What criteria do we develop to determine the balance between paid and voluntary work? What are people's motivations for doing voluntary work and how do we incorporate those in our practice? How do we assure that our membership recognizes their work? What policies should govern recruitment and/or hiring of people to do this work and how do we assure their understanding of and contributions to our politics?
    123 The Voluntary and Contracted Work committee is responsible for [wiki:leadership-committee/labor drafting a proposal] for the face-to-face meeting in February that conveys MF/PL labor principles and provides a roadmap for how we will build both our paid and volunteer labor in a way consistent with those principles.
    125 === Membership and Agenda ===
    127 This sub-committee develops a document that summarizes the discussions and proposals made by members at the last Membership Meeting in October, 2012, including the priorities set at the meeting. It should also plan and organize our face to face meeting in February, 2013 and our periodic "remote" meetings in collaboration with the Internationalization and Support staffs. In addition, this sub-committee, in collaboration with the Democracy sub-committee, will lead the organizing of the next membership meeting.
    129 Work page: [wiki:leadership-committee/membership-and-agenda membership and agenda work page].
    131 === Internationalization ===
    133 Notes from this committee's meeting: [wiki:leadership-committee/internationalization]
    135 === Cooperativa Tecnológica Primero de Mayo/Enlace Popular ===
    137 We are planning the creation of a coop that will represent MF/PL in México strengthening our presence and creating a team in charge of the admin, organizing, tech, and communication work: [wiki:leadership-committee/mexico-coop]
    139 == Call in Number ==
    141 Leadership Committee phone calls use the following number:
    143 {{{
    144 Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
    145 Access Code: 526706#
    146 }}}
    148 == Upcoming Meetings ==
    150 none at this time
    15247== Past Meetings ==