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    88All leadership committee members are members of May First/People Link. The current members are (organizations are for identification purposes only):
    10  * Alfredo Lopez, [ May First/People Link]
    11  * Daniel Kahn Gillmor
    12  * Hilary Goldstein
    13  * Jamie McClelland, [ May First/People Link]
    14  * Josue Guillen, [ Progressive Technology Project]
    15  * Mallory Knodel, [ May First/People Link], [ Association for Progressive Communications]
    16  * Jack Aponte, [ Palante Technology Cooperative]
    17  * Rasha Abdulhadi, [ Project South]
    18  * Joseph Lacey, [ Palante Technology Collective]
    19  * Enrique Rosas, [ Frente Norte]
    20  * Roberto Tijerina
    21  * Mike Lee, [ National Lawyers Guild]
    22  * Lourdes Godinez Leal, [ Comunicación e Información de la Mujer (CIMAC)]
    23  * Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco, National Coordinating Committee of Cooperative Unions and Federations.
    24  * Aaron Moysen Garcia, [ MX Toma La Calle]
    2710 *  Maritza Arrastia
    6043If you press 2, you enter the interpretation channel ''as an interpreter''. You will continue hearing what is spoken in the general conference channel, but when you speak it is only heard in the interpretation channel. You can press 0 to return to the general conference channel at any time.
    62 For admin information about the softare, please see the [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla-admin mexcla admin page].
     45For admin information about the software, please see the [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla-admin mexcla admin page].
     47== Proposal for Re-organization ==
     49(This proposal is being submitted for LC discussion)
     51Our accomplishments this year have been considerable. We are stronger technologically. We have a higher profile in some movement circles. But these accomplishments, in the context of the changing political situation, the redefining by our governments of their social contracts and the growing movements of resistance demand improvements in our membership policies, diversity in the leadership of the organization, consciousness development among our members and the deepening of our involvement in the progressive and social justice movements.
     53To address this situation, we need to rethink and recast the way we have organized the implementation of LC decisions.
     57The LC should form the following member workgroups and assign an LC member to each. This LC member's responsibility is to recruit MF/PL members to work on the workgroup and serve as the workgroup's coordinator.
     59Those group coordinators should meet weekly as an administrative committee to coordinate work and make decisions.
     61Each of these groups will submit a budget to the Leadership Committee in December or January for LC approval.
     63=== Infrastructure and Security ===
     65This group is responsible for all the infra-structural functions of the organization including server system planning, upgrade and maintenance; member technical support; technologist development; and security.
     67=== Membership and Internal Operations ===
     69This group oversees all member-related work and basic administrative and organizational operations. It is in charge of membership intake; communications with members (including internationalization); member orientation and discussion programs; and all administrative functions.
     71=== Outreach and Communications ===
     73This group is charged with our external relations and profile. It produces the materials we use, schedules our appearances and conference attendances, develops and works with our blog and media contacts, develops relations with other organizations and prepares periodic official statements under LC direction.
     75=== International ===
     77This group is encharged with all our international relations including our work with organizations like APC, international conferences and visibility, communications and recruitment work in countries outside of the U.S. and Mexico.
     79Note: this proposal eliminates the Co-Director position and the staff. All current "work teams" are to be folded into the above workgroups.
    6482== Subcommittees ==