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    2626== Next meeting ==
    28 The next face-to-face Leadership Committee meeting will be held February 9th and 10th, 2013. It will take up. among other things, reports and proposals from several LC sub-committees.  For logistical information go to [ Logistics Page]
     28The next phone meeting of the Leadership Committee meeting will be held April 25, 2013 at 6:00 pm Eastern.
     30== LC Call-in Procedures ==
     32mexcla is a simultaneous interpreation system for conference calls.
     34To use mexcla, either dial our main number (+1-718-303-3204) and press 6 (pressing 6 is not advertized - so you have to know it!) or if you have a SIP account, dial ``.
     36When you join a mexcla conference, you enter the general conference channel by default.
     38In the general conference channel, you can hear all participants as they speak their preferred language. When you speak, all participants in the general conference channel can hear you.
     40If you press the 1 key, you enter the interpretation channel. On this channel, you can continue to be heard in the general conference channel. However, when others speak,you can no longer hear them. Instead, you only hear what is being said in the interpretion channel. You can return to the general conference channel by pressing 0.
     42If you press 2, you enter the interpretation channel ''as an interpreter''. You will continue hearing what is spoken in the general conference channel, but when you speak it is only heard in the interpretation channel. You can press 0 to return to the general conference channel at any time.
     44For admin information about the softare, please see the [wiki:freeswitch-mexcla-admin mexcla admin page].
    3046== Subcommittees ==