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    2525== Next meeting ==
    27 The Membership Meeting occurs annually. Our [wiki:projects/membership-meeting/2012 next general membership meeting will be on October 28, 2012].
     27The next face-to-face Leadership Committee meeting will be held February 9th and 10th, 2013.
    29 == Decision-Making Process ==
     29== Subcommittees ==
    31 [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/process process] and [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/structure structure], works in progress
     31=== Democracy ===
     33MF/PL has committed itself to becoming an organization built on a robust democracy among its members. How would we characterize our current democratic behavior? When do the decisions of our member organizations about the hosting of their resources and development of their infra-structure take on a political dimension? What concrete conditions would raise the level of democratic participation among our members? What kind of decision-making process do we need to develop and how do we do that?
     35In relationship to those questions, last year's Leadership Committee drafted a structure document that could be used as a basis for moving forward:
     37This sub committee is responsible for expanding the [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/structure structure document] drafted last year into a formal proposal for organizational decision making. The proposal should include the rules governing our decision making as well as a process for having it approved by the membership. This proposal, or minimally a comprehensive outline, should be ready in time for our face-to-face meeting in February. This committee will collaborate with the Membership and Agenda committee in planning for the next membership meeting.
     39=== Promotion and Communication ===
     41[English version coming]
     43[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/promotion promotion and communications plan]
     45=== Voluntary and Contracted work Subcommittee ===
     47For MF/PL, voluntary work is an expression of the commitment to our organization and the morale of its members and it has always been an essential aspect of our organizational work and life. At the same time, there are concrete needs that our volunteer workers cannot meet. Thanks for the enormous contribution of our members, MF/PL has the resources to pay work in some important areas of our operations. We consider the decisions on who is hired and for what work to be a Co-Directors' responsibility since they oversee our operations but we also need to develop a general strategic vision and policy about what work is needed and what type of person we hire and/or recruit to do that work.
     49What criteria do we develop to determine the balance between paid and voluntary work? What are people motivations for doing voluntary work and how do we incorporate those in our practice? How do we assure that our membership recognizes their work? What policies should govern recruitment and/or hiring of people to do this work and how do we assure their understanding of and contributions to our politics?
     51The Voluntary and Contracted Work committee is responsible for [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/labor drafting a proposal] for the face-to-face meeting in February that conveys MF/PL labor prinicples and provides a roadmap for how we will build both our paid and volunteer labor in a way consistent with those principles.
     53=== Membership and Agenda ===
     55This sub-committee develops a document that summarizes the discussions and proposals made by members at the last Membership Meeting in October, 2012, including the priorities set at the meeting. It should also plan and organize our face to face meeting in February, 2013 and our periodic "remote" meetings in collaboration with the Internationalization and Support staffs. In addition, this sub-committee, in collaboration with the Democracy sub-committee, will lead the organizing of the next membership meeting.
    3357== Call in Number ==