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May First/People Link commits itself to reflecting the true nature and demographics of our movements in both Mexico and the United States. We recognize that, today in the U.S., the progressive and left-wing movements are led to a major extent by people of color, particularly women.

The fact that we do not reflect that reality within our membership has helped to progressively split us from our movement (as an organization) in the United States and relegated us to being the tech support unit for the progressive movement. This reality also frustrates the path-breaking potential we have in building collaboration between our movements in the U.S. and between the U.S. and Mexico because, in the U.S., we are really aren't representation of the progressive movement.

In Mexico, where our organization is still relatively young, we continue to strive to include in our membership and leadership members of the indigenous and "minority" populations.

-- MF/PL should prepare an official "intentionality" statement which should be publicized broadly within the progressive movement

-- All major representation of May First/People Link to the U.S. and world movements must include at least one person of color and one woman. Exceptions to this rule should be approved by the LC itself.

-- All workgroups should be led by coordinators who include at least one person of color or woman.

Technology Convergence

May First/People Link should publicly declare this a "critical moment in the life of the Internet and for the future of human communictions" and should organize in late 2014 a bi-national (U.S. and Mexico) meeting of progressive technologists and technology organizations to discuss a three-point point agenda:

a -- Organize a national campaign to de-privatize the Internet and concretize the human right to Internet access

b -- Prioritize and organize the development of free software alternatives

c -- Organize an international "safe network" infra-structure