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Leadership Committee Members' Responsibilities

The Leadership Committee provides strategic direction and leadership for the organization. Members are elected by the general membership just prior to the annual membership meeting traditionally held in the late Summer or Fall and serve a one year term.

To be elected, individuals must:

  • Be a May First/People Link member in good standing prior to June 1 of the year of the membership meeting
  • Submit a 300 word bio describing your political experience
  • Submit a 300 word statement of vision for the organization

Elected leadership committee members are expected to:

  • Attend one all day face-to-face meeting in either New York or Mexico City in early December or January (travel funding will be available)
  • Be available for 4 additional 2 hour telephone meetings
  • Actively promote May First/People Link in your work
  • Collaborate with staff on at least one project over the course of the year

Past Leadership Committee meetings and notes are public and available. Please review them to gain an understanding of how the body works.