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MF/PL Leadership Committee Decision-Making Process

(note: this is a work in progress)

What decisions are made at MF/PL?

Categories of decisions

What are some broad categories of decisions that are made? Examples could include fiscal, technical, political, personnel-related...


Within those categories, what sort of timing is MF/PL confronted with, from decisions that need to be made at the spur of the moment to very long-term, big-picture decisions?


what decisions can be made by staff and/or support teams on their own and which kinds of decisions need to go to the LC?

How have those decisions been made previously?


  • Up to now, who has typically made those different types of decisions?

  • What are all of the decision-making bodies currently at work at MF/PL? (e.g. co-directors, staff as a whole, board, LC, support team)


  • How are those decisions made within each body?
  • How are decisions recorded, shared with the wider organization, enacted, and followed up on?


Outside of the people actually making the decisions, who else is consulted for input or feedback that is then incorporated into the decision-making process?


What have the benefits of the decision-making process to date been? What have the drawbacks been?