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    9393Challenges for Coming Year
     95Recruitment -- It's essential that we start working on membership recruitment in a planned and much more confident/aggressive way. The strategy of waiting for people to join or working exclusively through techies' referrals appears to have dried up. With a continuously growing progressive movement, making the political argument for membership could become more palatable.
     97AT the same time, our dependence of small funded social justice organizations is dangerous: funding is drying up and this incarnation of the progressive movement seems to be in very dangerous decline.
     99Techie Congress
     101With a job loss that some estimate at over 70 percent in the last decade and a dramatically declining pool of freelance opportunity, techies have become one of the American working class's most battered sectors and those who continue to work are among its most exploited.
     103Yet most of the techie gatherings have functioned on job-tool development (how to do this or that piece of software) or almost sadistic "career networking" gatherings which do little more than rub the salt in the unemployment wound.
     105In this context, the progressive movement which should be in solidarity with techies has sought to take advantage of our plight by paying less, making project hiring more competitive and using part-time or freelance labor rather than hiring people.
     107This "don't practice what we preach" activity is made possible, in part, because techies have no advocacy or political voice. And we're one of the few organizations capable of giving one to them.
     109We're proposing that MF/PL call a national techie "congress" which would take place during the USSF 2010 whose purpose it would be to draw up a techie Bill of Rights and present that to the entire movement during the Social Forum and to get as many organizations as possible to "pledge" to the observance of those rights in their work.
    98 Techie Congress