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    11= Outreach/Recruitment =
     3MFPL is a membership organization. The only dollars the organization has comes from membership dues. In order to increase revenue the organization needs to recruit more members.
     5MFPL needs to run a campaign that results in more members. There are multiple pieces to this campaign, like all campaigns. We need winnable goals, research, propaganda, organizers and leaders.
     7we need to identify organizers. we will start with 4: alfredo, jamie, mallory and josue.
     9we need to identify leaders. we will start with the leadership committee: christi, amy, daniel, hilary, liz, makani, louis
     11We are asking members to identify 10 organizations that are not MFPL members that they have good relationships with. We want them to contact each org and make a pitch for their support of MFPL.
     13Two types of pitches: political pitch first - mfpl is an important and unique component of movement building in the US and we need to support it. membership dues are $200 a year.
     15practical pitch - every organization already allocates money towards web hosting. if resources are not available for additional expenses are you willing to redirect web hosting dollars to this movement group?
     17Concrete questions: are you willing to support MFPL? Can you direct your technology person to contact MFPL to initiate a switchover?
     19MFPL will create plenty of support material, including press clippings, testimonials from satisfied members, technical specifications, features list, etc. We will also create infrastructure to track the organizing campaign, where organizers will log into a database and see the calls they committed to making and are able to track their progress.