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    1 MF/PL Leadership Committee Meeting
    2 2012-11-15
    3 See you soon at 9:00 am Mexico City/10:00 am New York time!
    5      Interpretation - Roberto/Enrique
    7 dkg and joseph will take notes on etherpad in english; enrique in spanish?
    8 Roberto asked who needs interpretation
    9 dkg and joseph asked for interpretation of spanish
    10 jamie calls off the skype experiment, and wants us to use a conference call number
    11 roberto asks for people to identify themselves when they speak, and keep it short
    13     Introductions
    15  Jamie McClelland - co-founder, personal member, and member through employer PTP, director
    16  cofundador, miembro en lo personal y miembro
    17  Alfredo Lopez - co-founder, ex-co-director, currently staff, individual member and member through employer praxis
    19  Hilary Goldstein - individual member, staff (membership coordinator), video education work
    21  Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco - individual member, recent
    23  Aaron Moysen Garcia - individual member, happy to be here!
    25  Enrique Rosas - member for a year, on staff, and a supporter in mexico
    27  Mallory Knodel - has been on staff and LC, is individual member, and my employer APC just joined recently, in montreal
    29  dkg -  I'm an individual member, as well as a couple of other projects I work on.  I'm also on the Support Team.
    31  Joseph Lacey - I'm an individual member and a member with mwith Palante Tech.  I'm also on the Support Team.
    32  Roberto Tijerina - individual member in Durham, NC, but is currently in ATL
    33 miembro en lo individual
    34 Rasha Abdulhadi - I'm in ATL, with project south (org. member) as tech and communications organizer in the south of the USA
    35 miembro a través de Proyect South desde Atlanta
    36 Josue Guillen - I'm one of the co-founders of MFPL, I'm an individual member and through my employer, the PRogressive Technology Project.
    37 Fundador de MFPL
    38  Lourdes  Godinez Leal -  communications coordinator in CIMAC, a feminist  communications organization in Mexico and Central America
    39 absent:
    40  Jack Aponte -- continuing LC member, member through Palante Tech
    42   Mike Lee - from Philadelphia, lawyer with NLG
    43 Jamie
    44 Meeting is planned to be an hour and 15 minutes.
    45 Welcome everyone.  This is the second elected leadership committee and an important step in the democratization of the organization
    46 Ofrece la bienvenida esta es la segunda ronda de participación de un comité de dirección
    47 This year our elections were competitive and the membership did elect everyone froma larger pool.  I personally take that responsibility very seriously and I'm sure everyone here does as well.
    48 I'd like to take a few minutes to review the democratic process and open the discussion for that.  Our democratic process is in its infancy.  One of the most important projects of the LC this year is to develop this process and codify it.  The process now is that the membership defines the general priorities of the organization and the it's the job of the LC to interpret those priorities and direct the staff in its project work.  Last year the membership approved 6 priorities and the LC 8-9 projects for the staff to carry out.  I'll be sending out to the email list a link to this list of projects, so new members of the LC can see that list and use it as a base for determining the projects for this year.
    49 In addition to proposing and approving this year, I'd like the LC to more active by creating subcommittees to address certain projects, e.g.
    50   * outreach (decide which conferences to attend)
    51   * formalize democratic process
    52 Welcome to Lourdes!
    53 Rasha:  I wanted to ask about structures of how we expect to operate, what the time commitment is
    54 Jamie: A commitement to come to one face-to-face meeting, which has normally been one day but perhaps we want to make it a two-day meeting.  MFPL would pay for travel.  We would probably pick New York City but we'll want to choose a location based on logistics, getting the most members in attendance.  In addition, I believe the LC should have  a minimum of 4 phone calls, of which this is the first.  I expected LC members to spend 5 hours per month reading and responding to emails.  And additional participation to subcommittees and taking on smaller tasks throughout the year.
    55 Lourdes: first of all, my apologies for being late. i'm here and have a lot of questions.  I want to know specifics about what the role of the committee is and what exactly we'll be doing in the next year.
    56 Jamie: are there more specific questions about the relationship between the LC and the rest of the organization?
    57 Anything former LC members want to add to the relationship between the LC and the running of the organization?
    58 Juan: Besides the things jamie mentioned, the LC has a responsibility to define the political and ideological direction of mayfirst
    59 Jamie: Yes!
    60 Roberto: I wanted to ask about the possibility of the LC meeting not being in NY, since the membership meeting was just in NY.
    61 Jamie: are you asking about the membership meeting or the F2F LC Meeting?
    62 Roberto: LC meeting
    63 Jamie: LC Meeting should be in the place that makes the most sense logistically -- both in terms of cost of travel and in terms of visas. New York City isn't a requirement, but might be the best option considering these.
    64 Roberto: I was thinking if going to be inviting folks to the US, there may be other places in the US that might be easier/cheaper for hosting members from outside the US.
    65 Jamie: MFPL can pay for travel, but if LC members can take that on, that's welcome, but we want to get as many folks to the LC meeting in person as possible.
    66 El compromiso de MFPL para lograr la reunión anual del Comité de Dirección es reunir a sus miembros una vez al año, la reunión sería en Nueva York y MFPL podría pagar el viaje
    67 Jamie: i'd like to discuss the decision-making process, and how the selection of the directors works.
    68 Debemos discutir el proceso de toma de decisiones y cómo será la elección de los directores
    69 Jamie: anyone on the LC can make a proposal and set a date for the decision to be made by.  the date must be at least 72 hours *after* the proposal is made.
    70 Cualquiera en el Comité de Dirección puede realizar propuestas y fijar una fecha para la toma de decisiones
    71 Jamie: people can vote by phone if we have a scheduled phone call, or can vote by e-mail
    72 Jamie: 50% of the LC (8 people) must vote in order for us to have quorum, and a simple majority can approve.
    73 Jamie: we don't have a process for dealing with a tie.
    74 Josue & dkg: practically speaking it does not pass.
    75 Jamie: any LC member can delay a vote for up to 5 days if they feel it needs more discussion.
    76 Alfredo: What is the procedure for an LC member to make a proposal?  Can you clarify that?
    77 Jamie: an e-mail sent to the or a phone call at anytime.
    78 Alfredo: will we take up the structural issue about who oversees such a proposal, right?
    79 Jamie: One of the most important issues is forming the committee that going to finalize this process.  The process is wholly public.
    80 Alfredo: you need to have people on the LC making sure that the entire LC is aware of the proposal, keeping track of the discussion, and the timing, etc.
    81 Jamie: yes, we will be discussing co-chairs at this meeting, and this is part of being a co-chair
    82 Alfredo: Could we use co-president in Spanish, which I think would be more clear?
    83 [Yes's given]
    84 Enrique: I would like to take a minute to explain to the Mexican LC members what the co-chairs
    85 Jamie: I'd like to discuss co-directors before the co-chairs.
    86 Enrique: Of course.
    87  * Choosing staff directors
    88 Jamie: I'm going to make a proposal about this to be voted on within the 72 hours.  This proposal is up for debate.  I propose that two members of the LC be appointted co-directors of the organization.  The directors have the responsibility of the day-to-day activities of the organization, interact with staff and report to the LC on the activities of the staff.  I would like to propose Enrique Rosa and myself.  I would provide a level of continuity for the organization and Enrique has provided an immense amount of support to the organization in Mexico, and having us both as co-chairs would be great for the organization.
    89 Alfredo: one of the responsibilites of the co-directors is to be one of the principal spokespeople, but that wasn't mentioned in the responsibilities.  is this a deliberate change or an oversight?
    90 Alfredo: Entiendo que el director ha asumido la responsabilidad de ser vocero, ¿jamie esa seguiría siendo una responsabilidad? o ¿estás sugiriendo un cambio?
    91 Jamie: that was an accidental omission, and i think that is one of the responsibilities of the co-directors
    92 Jamie: fue una omisión accidental
    93 Jamie: Other questions about this proposal?  Opinions?  Statements of support or opposition?
    94 Juan: i am in complete agreement
    95 Lourdes: support
    96 mallory: support
    97 Rasha: support - this seems like an opportunity and a challenge to synchronize our work betwen the USA and Mexico
    98 Hilary: support
    99 dkg: support
    100 Aaron: support
    101 Jamie: the vote isn't going to happen for another 72 hours, but i'd like to move on with the agenda.
    102 Enrique: i want to thank jamie for putting this forward, and i want to support as we continue
    103  * Choosing Leadership Committee chair(s).
    104  Jamie: I would like to move on to the co-chair positions.  The LC has never had co-chairs before.  If we choose co-chairs, it would be much more successfully this year.  The co-chairs would have responsibility for running and organizing the LC meetings.  Along with the co-directors they would also play a role as spokespersons for the organization.  They would help facilitate communications(?) with the members.  This would take pressure off the co-directors and spread responsibility across multiple individuals.  I do not have a complete proposal for cochairs.  I need help from the LC.  I propose Alfredo to be one of the co-chairs; I think he would make an excellent candidate.
    106  I was unsuccessful in convincing Rasha who doesn't have the time.  I tried to convince Hilary but as she pointed out that would create an unnecessary concentration in power.  I'd like to open this up for discussion.
    107 Rasha: i appreciate jamie's proposal.  My declining the position is not a sign of lack of investment.  I expect to be present.  I also think that the co-chairs should embrace and reflect the full range of struggles within MF/PL.  For my part, while i'd like to see a woman, person of color, or non-new-yorker, my main hope is that someone with time and skills to be present for agendas and building of structure can step forward.
    108 Alfredo: thanks to jamie for his confidence in my work. I want to raise a concern about the description of the co-chair position.  In the coming year, the position of spokesperson is going to be much more important than it ever has been (and it has been very important over the years).  All member of the LC can speak for the org, imo, under the direction of the co-directors.  But the principal spokespeople have to remain the co-directors.  the chair of the LC is fundamentally an internal position.  When we talk about the spokepersons of the organization, these people will be crafting the public face of the organization.  The role of the chair as an internal position relates specifically to the LC and its activities.  The LC chairs should not really have an external role, except as members for the LC.  The external face should always be organized by the co-directors.
    109 Jamie: I accept those changes to my proposal.  Those make a lot of sense.  Other comments, questions or reflections?
    110 Enrique: I want to give the folks in Mexico a context about this .  The organization was lead by Alfredo and Jamie, and when Alfredo stepped down, all the work fell to Jamie, which was too much for a single person.  We'd like to spread that responsibility and work to more people to reduce the load on the co-directors.
    111 Jamie: We don't have much more time for this meeting, so I'd like to give the proposal that we move forward with Alfredo as the chair and then use the next month to find a co-chair.  Any question or comments on that proposal?
    112 Juan: I'm in agreement.
    113 dkg: support.
    114 Hilary: I support the proposal for the extra time.  But I was wondering what the process was for proceeding.
    115 Jamie: I would like to ask for 1 or 2 volunteers for figuring out who the second co-chair will be.  I would like to be one of those people.  And if anyone else on this call would be willing to volunteer.
    116 Josue: I can help with that process.
    117 Jamie: One more volunteer please?
    118 Juan: I would like us to consider that the other co-chair should be someone from Mexico.
    119 Josue: that sounds great.  we need your help to identify who that person is.
    120 Jamie: can you join us, Juan?
    121 Juan: yes
    122 Jamie: I will be sending the proposals out via email, and everyone can vote in a transparent process.
    123  * Scheduling our face-to-face meeting.
    124 Jamie:  There are many places we could have it, which I'd like to leave open for now, but I'd like to select 1 or 2 weekends for when to schedule it.  I'd like to propose 2 weekend:
    125 * January 19th and 20th
    126 * January 26th and 27th
    127 I'd like to hear from folks who can't make either of those weekends.
    128 Mallory: i can participate remotely, but will be abroad until 2013-02-04
    129 Hilary: I might have a conflict for the later weekend
    130 Rasha: southern regional organizing chose Jan 21st as major organizing day.  I won't be available the first weekend
    131 Roberto: same as rasha, for the same reasons.
    132 dkg: I have two major deadlines for two major projects at the end of January and beginning of Feb so it would be difficult for me to make the second and probably the first as well.
    133 Jamie: I'm going to propose two more weekends
    134 * February 9th and 10th
    135 * February 16th and 17th
    136 Roberto: The second weekend, the later date is the debrief of the 100 days of people, there's going to be a convergence after so the second is out for me.
    137 Rasha: I have the same conflict as Roberto, but I also have to prepare ahead of time, so the first weekend I can participate remotely but not in person.
    138 Jamie: I'd like to propose February 9th and 10th.
    139 Propuesta reunión Cara a Cara del Comité de Dirección durante el 9 y 10 de Febrero de 2013
    140 Joseph: Should we not find out the schedule of those abset?
    141 Jamie:  Yes, we will get their schedules via email.
    142  * Assigning Committee to work on compiling results from the membership
    143    meeting and issuing a report.
    145 Since we're over time, I'd like to describe this agenda point but not have a full discussion.  The membership meeting has contributed a lot of thinking about priorities but not finalized them.  I think this is a big problem with our democratic process.  I think the LC will need to organize a subcommittee to review everything from the membership meeting, process it and give a report.  Unless there are objections on this call, I would propose Enrique and I would work with Alfredo to make a proposal about who could be  the LC members to take this and a few other items on.  Are there any objections?
    146 Enrique: I'd like to ask if there is anyone on the call that wants to volunteer to help with this work to be involved from the beginning.
    147 Rasha:  I'm interested in being a part of this.
    148 Jamie: Anyone else for this? Or any other final comments for th call?
    149 Mallory: I think I missed a bit of the call.  I support Jamie and Enrique as co-directors.
    150 Jamie: I'd like to close the meeting now.  I want to give everyone a sincere welcome to the LC.  What we are doing for me personally and politically is unprecidented in my life.  Just this phone call, we're overcoming an immense techinical and interpretative hurdle.  But this pales in comparison to the broader political hurdles we have in front of us, but the LC is the right group to forward for
    151 I would like to thank everyone for their participation.  And Roberto in particular for his interpretations.  And the notetakers.
    152 dkg:  Joseph and I will be in touch about the technical arrangements of these phone calls.  We'll be in touch about what you can do technically.  We're hoping to have a better technical arrangement for the next meeting.  I'd like to give a huge thank you to Roberto for interpretation and Jamie for facilitating
    153 en↑--------es↓
    154 ¡Hasta pronto (9:00 am México/10:00 NY)!
    155   * Interpretación - Roberto / Enrique
    157   dkg y joseph transcribir en ingles, enrique en español
    159   * Presentaciones
    161   * Expectativas y alcance del Comité de Dirección y cómo el
    162     Miembro, Comité de Dirección, y el personal trabaja en conjunto.
    163   * Elección de directores de personal
    164   * Elección de presidentes del Comité de Dirección
    165   * Programación de nuestra reunión cara a cara.
    166   * Asignar Comité para trabajar en la compilación de los resultados de la
    167     reunión de miembros y emitir un informe