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    88 * Discussion: How to develop a single cross-border, international strategy
    99 for the organization?
     11== Notes ==
     13Present: Juan Gerardo, Alfredo, Jamie, Mallory, Sandra, Pablo, Jerome, Manisha, Louis
     17= Scheduling Proposal =
     19Have campaign and LC meetings on different days on a different schedule.
     21No opposition.
     23= Report on Mexican/APC controversy =
     25APC asked MF/PL if they could have their regional meeting for North America in Mexico. Some individuals in Mexico responded to the APC that we would not help host it. This decision was not made with full consultation of all involved. The decision was reversed. Then APC was not able to fund the meeting in the end.
     28 * need to better share information and decisions
     29 * some doubts on decision making - which can be made in Mexico and which by LC?
     30 * Who has responsibilities to make calls for Mexico meetings? Decided LC chair
     32 * Should work on strategic planning
     33 * Some confusion as to whether MF/PL is a federation of centers or an international (bi-national) organization
     35Additional comments: The APC meeting was rejected without discussing with Alfredo (who originally forwarded the request) and signed with Juan Gerardo and Sandra's name even though they did not approve it.
     37There was a long self-criticism process in Mexico that discussed these issues
     39= Propopsal: membership dues change =
     41Split dues payments. Smaller dues payment for membership + service fee.  Full proposal:
     45We leave open the possibility of changing the exact amounts of the amounts.
     47Suggestion to change "service fee" to "operations/support" fee to get away from idea that MF/PL sells services.
     49Passed unanimously
     51= Proposal: form a strategic committee =
     53Pick 5 people who are required to attend, but open to all LC members.
     55Discuss and make decisions on matters that do not require LC approval.
     57Meets every 2 weeks.
     59Would help clear the LC meeting agenda so it can focus on political strategy.
     61Passed unanimously.
     63= US/Mexico strategy =
     65We haven't developed one. We don't have an agreed upon reason and meaning of having a bi-national organization.
     67Proposal: we organize an LC meeting + some additional members to fully discuss this idea.