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     3= Membership Proposal 2016 LC =
     5== Membership Program -- USA ==
     7This program relates specifically to members in the United States. We are hoping to unite it with Mexican member activities.
     9=== Purpose ===
     11To improve member consciousness and involvement in all our organization's work.
     13=== Goals ===
     15 1. to make members conscious of May First as an organization guided by complex strategic thinking and involved in many movement activities
     16 2. to acquaint members with the capabilities they have as members
     17 3. to encourage and benefit from a constant conversation among members about who we are and what we do
     19== Projects ===
     21Monthly Conversation -- Each month, we invite all members (and friends) to a convergence event at which we talk about a specific topic, usually with an invited speaker (addressing us in person or via jitsi). This takes place in person in New York City and broadcast all over.
     23Action Line -- This is a special email or text capability by which members can communicate actions or emergent issues they are working on to other members. It is member-specific, announcement-oriented and not aministered.
     25Who We Are, What We Do -- This is a brochure that explains MF/PL for members.