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    11= Workers Assembly =
     2Note: For the purpose of this document: workers are active-members who commit work regularly, or have committed work in a regular basis recently, regardless if they are paided or not; the term include active LC members.
     4During previous LC meeting, we discussed the relevant rol played by all MF/PL workers and the importance of having a space where all workers could join and discuss on [ the results of this LC meeting], promote their expressions and get feedback from people who were not present those days to build agreement with them on the proposals that will be taken to next Members Meeting.
     6It was an agreement to call for a Workers Assembly.
     8Workers Assembly represents the opportunity to make sure all people directly involved in MF/PL development understands [ LC meeting results] and makes sure all legitm complains have been addressed properly.
     10From that perspective, Workers Assembly is a precondition for healing pains related to recent resignations and for reaching internal pact on collective future, concluding the current crisis situation and renewing our collective commitment to MF/PL.
     12We have been discussing for a long time what criteria should be followed to define who should be considered is being at the core of MF/PL, who are MF/PL workers:
     14The list of workers is as follows, hoping that this proposal makes sense to each one of the comrades listed below:
     15 * ''Leadership Committee'': Maritza, Pablo, Juan Gerardo, Jaime, Louis, Mallory, Alfredo, Jamie, Enrique, Jerome, Jackie
     16 * ''Sysadmins with root access and/or support team members'': dkg, Josue, Greg, Joseph, Nat, Steve, Kendra and Ben (who was added as a result of December survey)
     17 * ''Mx-coop'': Sandra, Pablo L., Carlos, Francia, Melesio, Eugenio, Ana, David, Olinca, Aarón, Jesús, Edgardo, Fátima
     19Workers Assembly is not meant to overcome or substitute Members Meeting and it should discuss and build proposals on how we warranty participation from social movement actors in our decision making bodies.
     21If Workers Assembly is satisfactory in terms of participation, rich as experience of interchange to most of people and demostrates it can build strong agreements, we could consider for the Members Meeting a proposal to include the Workers Assembly as part of MF/PL permanent structure.
     23For this opportunity, we could consider Workers Assembly to be a 4-6 hours meeting; happening face to face on a Saturday in both places NY and México-DF with a common agenda, video-conferencing support and simultaneous interpretation En<>Es.
     25LC will be discussing soon on this proposal and the way it could be implemented.