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    66Table that describes organizational instances and positions, and notes on them.
     8||= # =||= Instance =||= Structures =||= Meetings =||= Comments =||
     9|| 01  || Members    ||              || Members annual meeting, is planned and organized as an assembly, it has a quorum of 10% the number of total numbers  || Individuals and organizations who have agreed to our Statement of Unity and Membership Agreement, and pay yearly dues ||
     10|| 02 || Leadership Committee || || Leadership Committee members meet monthly || Up to 15 individuals who are members, or staff of member organizations, who have been elected by the members to serve 1-year term. ||
     11|| 03 || || Leadership Committee chairman (JuanG) ||   || calls for LC to meet and proposes the agenda. LC chairman takes part in the coordinators call ||
     12|| 04 || || Leadership Committee coordinators || meets weekly || (at the moment, the "transition team")-- is a body of self-proposed LC members that maintains weekly meetings in charge of reviewing overall operations and needs, ||
     13|| 05 || Outreach team (inactive) || Outreach coordinator (Alfredo) || || Refers to work of MF-PL that involves participating in bodies or otherwise representing the organization in settings outside of MF-PL. With presence in USSF, MagNet. Alfredo plans, operates and evaluates the outreach strategy ||
     14|| 06 || Support team || || meets monthly || In charge of managing the development and maintenance of MFPL infrastructure, provides support and collaborates with members in a daily basis, meets the first Saturday of each month ||
     15|| 07 || || Support team group with root access to all servers || ||  Is an internal group of the support team that is responsible of the sysadmin work essential to the operation of the current infrastructure, their responsibilities give them access to members communications, so they are trusted by all our members. People who have root currently decide upon who gets root. ||
     16|| 08 || || Paid support worker(s) || meet weekly with support team coordinator || They are part of the Support team group with root access to all servers ||
     17|| 09 || || Support team coordinator (Jamie) || || leads projects of this team, colaborates daily, does checkin weekly with core support members and meets with support team members every month ||
     18|| 10 || Admin team (inactive) || Paid admin worker(s) + Coordinator (position not filled) || || admin, human resources, accounting ||
     19|| 11 || Membership work team (inactive) || Membership coordinator (position not filled) || || In charge of strategies to develop increasing participation from our members ||
     20|| 12 || International work team (inactive) || * International coordinator (position not filled) + Translation and interpretation team (inactive) || || ||
     21|| 13 || Mexican co-op || * Admin council, * Education commission, * Tech development commission, * Control commission, * Social-security commission || meets monthly || Mx-coop is our local organizing instance. Legal body in México. Control and Social Security comissions are legal requirements. Control Comission reviews function to assure that things are operating in accordance with the bylaws (also with co-op regulations as per Mexican law). ||
     22|| 14 || Media Jumpstart board of directors (inactive) || || || Legal body in the US, including Alfredo, Jamie and Josue who isn't on the LC anymore, but he is still on the board ||
    825== II. Aspects to consider while thinking on a new structure ==
    926Note: For the purpose of this document: workers are active-members who commit work regularly, or have committed work in a regular way recently, the term include LC members in that condition.