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    996. Other issues from LC members.
    10107. Closing act.
     14Leadership Committee Meeting April 10, 2014
     18    Maritza Arrastia
     19    Carlos Pablo Correa Hernández
     20    Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco
     21    Hilary Goldstein
     22    Abi Hassen
     23    Alfredo Lopez
     24    Stephen Mahood
     25    Jamie McClelland
     26    Enrique Rosas
     30    Jaime Montejo - Brigada Callejera
     31    Louis Head - Southwest Organizing Project
     32    Mallory Knodel -- Associations for Progressive Communications
     33    Grainne O'Neill
     34    Jerome Scott - The United States Social Forum
     35    Jackie Smith
     37With 9 present, a quorum was reached.
     39Meeting Chaired by Juan Gerardo Dominguez Carrasco
     41Heart Bleed openssl flaw
     43Jamie reported on the situation and what has been done about it by our organization and the support workgroup.
     45Action proposed: write and aggressively circulate a statement from MF/PL to our movements and coalitions. Continue communications with our members and monitor the situation.
     47Actions approved by consensus
     49Intentionality Statement and Convergence Proposals
     51Alfredo presented both proposals. Juan Gerardo added that the intentionality policy should include rural and agricultural populations and movements in Mexico.
     53Both proposals were approved by consensus
     57Hilary presented the budget.
     59Current organization budget: $154,815.50
     61Budget approved by consensus
     63Proposal for Splitting WorkGroups
     65Hilary proposed that the current Admin/Membership workgroup be split into two groups: Administration and Membership.
     67Proposal approved by consensus and Hilary assigned to write a descriptions of workgroups in writing.
     69Treasurer Proposal
     71Alfredo's proposal for the creation of a Treasurer position was discussed. The LC held the issue and agreed to continue the discussion. No action taken.