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    1313== 2010 Membership Breakdown ==
    1415* Denotes entries denote a working-relationship or active recruitment (organizations only).
    16 {{{
    17 Tiokasin Ghosthorse/First Voices Indigenous Radio*
    18 Lesia Van Houten
    19 Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local Union
    20 AIDS Policy Project
    21 Kaytee Riek Photography
    22 Caipirinha Foundation
    23 Fifthhorseman
    24 Theater of the Oppressed
    25 Charisa Smitth
    26 Kendra Alexander Foundation
    27 IMC Denmark*
    28 David Webb
    29 Nathanial Freitas
    30 CHDP Ethiopia
    31 David Kene
    32 Joseph Lacey
    33 Head Crack Faculty Films
    34 Just Food
    35 Mark Cooley
    36 Sasha Breland
    37 NY Activist Calendar*
    38 Karos Communications Architects
    39 POC Zine Project
    40 Stop AIDS in Liberia
    41 Tibet Action
    42 Collaborative Community Schools
    43 Oakland Rising
    44 Liberation Ink
    45 Rising Appalachia
    46 Keep America Moving
    47 The Weave*
    48 Commons New York
    49 Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
    50 VROOM Cooperative
    51 Casino Free Philadelphia
    52 Asian Americans United
    53 Elliot Winard
    54 No More Affordable Housing Scams
    55 Poder
    56 Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts
    58 Art and Agriculture
    59 Lori Minnite
    60 Fellowship of Reconciliation
    61 Brooklyn Movement Center
    62 Lannan Foundation
    63 Angie Fran
    64 Bolivia UN Mission*
    65 Rochester Indymedia*
    66 Nicaragua-US Friendship Office
    67 Starting Bloc
    68 William A. Bryce
    69 Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin
    70 Deep Dish TV*
    71 Simon Fondrie-Teitler
    72 Roberto Tijerina
    73 Pattern Literacy
    74 Professional Staff Congress - CUNY
    75 Shana Wright
    76 Asian Pacific American Legal Center
    77 Konrad Aderer
    78 Victoria Kereszi
    79 Max Ajl
    80 United Auto Workers*
    81 Labor Press*
    82 CWA Local 1180
    83 Econexus
    84 }}}
     17Tiokasin Ghosthorse/First Voices Indigenous Radio*[[BR]]
     18Lesia Van Houten[[BR]]
     19Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local Union[[BR]]
     20AIDS Policy Project[[BR]]
     21Kaytee Riek Photography[[BR]]
     22Caipirinha Foundation[[BR]]
     24Theater of the Oppressed[[BR]]
     25Charisa Smitth[[BR]]
     26Kendra Alexander Foundation[[BR]]
     27IMC Denmark*[[BR]]
     28David Webb[[BR]]
     29Nathanial Freitas[[BR]]
     30CHDP Ethiopia[[BR]]
     31David Kene[[BR]]
     32Joseph Lacey[[BR]]
     33Head Crack Faculty Films[[BR]]
     34Just Food[[BR]]
     35Mark Cooley[[BR]]
     36Sasha Breland[[BR]]
     37NY Activist Calendar*[[BR]]
     38Karos Communications Architects[[BR]]
     39POC Zine Project[[BR]]
     40Stop AIDS in Liberia[[BR]]
     41Tibet Action[[BR]]
     42Collaborative Community Schools[[BR]]
     43Oakland Rising[[BR]]
     44Liberation Ink[[BR]]
     45Rising Appalachia[[BR]]
     46Keep America Moving[[BR]]
     47The Weave*[[BR]]
     48Commons New York[[BR]]
     49Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition[[BR]]
     50VROOM Cooperative[[BR]]
     51Casino Free Philadelphia[[BR]]
     52Asian Americans United[[BR]]
     53Elliot Winard [[BR]]
     54No More Affordable Housing Scams[[BR]]
     56Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts[[BR]][[BR]]
     58Art and Agriculture[[BR]]
     59Lori Minnite [[BR]]
     60Fellowship of Reconciliation[[BR]]
     61Brooklyn Movement Center[[BR]]
     62Lannan Foundation [[BR]]
     63Angie Fran[[BR]]
     64Bolivia UN Mission*[[BR]]
     65Rochester Indymedia*[[BR]]
     66Nicaragua-US Friendship Office[[BR]]
     67Starting Bloc[[BR]]
     68William A. Bryce[[BR]]
     69Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin[[BR]]
     70Deep Dish TV*[[BR]]
     71Simon Fondrie-Teitler[[BR]]
     72Roberto Tijerina[[BR]]
     73Pattern Literacy[[BR]]
     74Professional Staff Congress - CUNY[[BR]]
     75Shana Wright[[BR]]
     76Asian Pacific American Legal Center[[BR]]
     77Konrad Aderer[[BR]]
     78Victoria Kereszi[[BR]]
     79Max Ajl[[BR]]
     80United Auto Workers*[[BR]]
     81Labor Press*[[BR]]
     82CWA Local 1180[[BR]]