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    4747 1. The Hemispheric Initiative (including the consulta hemisferica)
    4848 1. Techie National Congress
    49  1. Resource shift from colocation to paid staff
     49 1. Resource shift from co-location to paid staff
    5050 1. 50 percent growth in membership through outreach and recruitment
    5252Some of these were met spectacularly well and we struggled with some of these goals.
     54Certainly the most spectacular successes have been in our Hemispheric and Social Forum work as described above.
     56The Techie National Congress work came to fruition during the US Social Forum although the Congress itself did not produce the outcomes necessary to continue the Congress as a process internationally and it has been, effectively, abandoned.
     58We didn't hire anyone yet although that is a point on the 2011 workplan.
     60We certainly didn't reach 50 percent growth but there was growth. That is summarized in Jamie's report.
    5462 == WorkPlan 2011 ==
    6674 1. Recruit organizations "strategically"
    6775Rather than follow the traditional "let's recruit another 200 members" approach, we are proposing a departure this year. We are looking to recruit as members organizations whose constituency or work make them central to the movement. In this way, we are not only contributing more deeply to the struggles in this country but we are expanding our own impact and enabling an even greater recruitment based on the influence these "target organizations" have. We are asking each LC member to each come up with names and contacts for about five of these organizations. This will be our recruitment drive for the coming year.
     76 1. Implement the "InfraStructure Initiative"
     77This is the program of infra-structural change and redirection reflected in Jamie's report.