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    2727 * Resource intensive web sites: Over the last several years, the resources needed to run web sites has gone up. Only a few years ago, typical web sites used very little server resources. Now, as Drupal has become more popular and more complex, even relatively simple sites with relatively few visitors can have a tremendous impact on our servers. As a result, we've experienced more slow downs on our shared servers due to a single web site being overloaded then in previous years.
     29 * Downtime: In addition to slow downs, over the last year we've had some very critical periods of downtime. Most outages have involved obscure technical snafus that we've addressed. However, just one member with one experience of downtime or a slow down can be unbearable for the member and deadly for our reputation. The same member with more than one such experience creates a situation that can be extremely difficult to overcome. The planned projects for 2011 involve major changes to our infrastructure to transition us from technology designed with a handful of servers and one system administrator to technology designed to scale and be managed by a team. As we move forward with this transition, we may encounter a few more bumps in the road. Maintaining good communication and trust with our members will be a critical challenge through this period. 
    2931=== Projects for 2011 ===