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    11= Infrastructure Report =
    3 == Hardware ==
     3=== Hardware ===
    55We currently have over 20 phsyical server (over 90 virtual servers) in 6 locations.
    1313Our hardware strategy continues to be retiring servers over 3 - 4 years. This approach is wasteful from the perspective of hardware, but dramatically cuts down our electricity costs and resources by using the most energy efficient servers available.
    15 == Support Team ==
     15=== Support Team ===
    1717The most important infrastructure development of the year has been the support team. In September we held our first ever face-to-face meeting of techies who are interested in supporting MFPL. Since then, we've built a team of 12 hard-working and dedicated activist techies. We've had a total of 4 face-to-face meetings and in the process made enormous progress in spreading the knowledge and skills needed to maintain the servers throughout the team.
    19 == Challenges ==
     19=== Challenges ===
    2121With a solid bank account and the best support team in our history, we have a lot going for us in 2011. However, there are some significant challenges facing us as well.
    2727 * Resource intensive web sites: Over the last several years, the resources needed to run web sites has gone up. Only a few years ago, typical web sites used very little server resources. Now, as Drupal has become more popular and more complex, even relatively simple sites with relatively few visitors can have a tremendous impact on our servers. As a result, we've experienced more slow downs on our shared servers due to a single web site being overloaded then in previous years.
    29 == Projects for 2011 ==
     29=== Projects for 2011 ===
    3131As we continue to develop the support team, we are focusing on the following major projects:
    3737 * Drupal upgrade project. When Drupal 6 was released, Alfredo, in his role as a consultant, contacted most of the people running Drupal 4.7 and arranged to upgrade their sites for a fee. We will need to do something similar now - but with a bigger team.
     39== Leadership ==
     41The biggest advancement in our organizational leadership has been the development of the support team. It's the most significant change in day-to-day decision making that we've had since our merger in 2005.
     43In addition, as reported in the finance report, are proposing the addition of our first paid staff person, which will have another impact on the day-to-day decision making of our organization.
     45Given these changes, and the fact that the LC has now been in existence for over three years, we would like to propose that the leadership committee take a more active role in several areas of the organization:
     47 * Expansion sub-committee: up to now, new leadership committee members have been selected by Alfredo and Jamie and approved by the leadership committee. Moving forward, we'd like to propose a committee to evaluate this process and make recommendations on how we can move toward a more democratic process of leadership that involves our membership more. This process will be a long term process, but one that can be started now, even with small steps.
     49 * Recruitment sub-committee: help organize and develop the 5 organizations per LC member outreach drive mentioned in Alfredo's main report.
     51 * Program sub-committee: consult with the co-directors on program work and decisions, including setting our travel and conference agenda and focus