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    12= LC Democracy Subcommittee =
    45 * [wiki:./2013-02-07]
    56 * [wiki:./2013-03-14]
     8== Organizational Proposals ==
     10These proposals are in flux!  see [wiki:./2013-03-14] for background!
     12We hope these proposals will provide some specifics (not perfection!) about how a given organizational model would operate, and how it would address specific concerns.
     14=== Concerns ===
     16There are overlaps in these concerns -- they are not separate, but i'm listing them distinctly to try to cover some of the voices we've heard:
     18 diversity:: how do we make sure that MF/PL as a membership organization reflects the diversity of our membership?  In particular, we are concerned about having decisions made predominately by white men and technologists, who are often in positions of power.
     19 accountability:: how can MF/PL membership hold decision-makers accountable for their promises and their actions?  What does this mean for members?  For workers?  For decision-makers?
     20 transparency:: how can MF/PL members (and allies, and prospective members) be aware of what is happening in the organization? how does the organization engage members so that they want to know?
     21 communications:: how can MF/PL members make sure their voices are heard and respected during the decision-making process?   how does the organization actively encourage members to make suggestions, advocate for positions, give feedback, or participate more generally?
     22 democracy:: how do MF/PL members get a voice in the operation of the organization?  What should a member who is unhappy with things do to improve matters?  How does the organization respond to the needs and politics of its members, including (especially?) those members who are short on money, time and other resources?
     24=== Candidate proposals ===
     26 * [wiki:./wg-concerns Working Groups]
     27 * [wiki:./lc-concerns Leadership Committee]