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fleshing out concerns and a bit o' wordsmithing


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    7272There should be at least one annual in-person meeting for the entire core.
     74the core should have regular (monthly?) synchronous meetings where WGs report back on new commitments formed and progress on outstanding commitments.
    7476We encourage individual working groups to schedule in-person meetings when possible.
    8486how do we make sure that MF/PL as a membership organization reflects the diversity of our membership? In particular, we are concerned about having decisions made predominately by white men and technologists, who are often in positions of power.
     88 * Organizational structure alone can't solve entrenched oppressions.
     89 * A working group structure allows for easier deep engagement with the organization and provides an entryway for more members to become actively engaged in decision-making processes.
     90 * As an organization we need to decide what our goals are around diversity and inclusion
     91 * A flatter organization, where people are explicitly expected to interact as equals helps to break down common mechanisms of oppression.
     92 * Restructuring the organization into working grousp gives us an opportunity to create entryways for involvement in the organization that are more likely to engage a wider swath of membership.
     93 * different WGs can experiment with different ways to engage in the wider membership and share what they learn with each other.
    8695=== accountability ===
    8897how can MF/PL membership hold decision-makers accountable for their promises and their actions? What does this mean for members? For workers? For decision-makers?
     99 * Transparency (see below) is one of the primary mechanisms of accountability
     100 * The core membership should be well-enough informed of what each working group is taking on to be able to hold each working group to their commitments.
    90102=== transparency ===
    92 how can MF/PL members (and allies, and prospective members) be aware of what is happening in the organization? how does the organization engage members so that they ant to know?
     104how can MF/PL members (and allies, and prospective members) be aware of what is happening in the organization? how does the organization engage members so that they want to know?
     106 * WGs have public discussions and clear feedback channels so that the wider membership knows what they are doing.
     107 * Lower barriers to becoming involved in a working group (no elections, no yearlong commitment) gives members direct access to what is going on.
    94109=== communications ===
    95110how can MF/PL members make sure their voices are heard and respected during the decision-making process? how does the organization actively encourage members to make suggestions, advocate for positions, give feedback, or participate more generally?
     112 * having a clear and well-publicized list of working groups, their scope, and their contact info encourages direct feedback from members who have input but not enough time to be full participants
     113 * having a clear path to full WG participation encourages members to join
     114 * working group mailing lists should be publicly archived
     115 * minutes should be published
     116 * reports in the Lowdown
     117 * reportbacks at the annual membership meeting
    97119=== democracy ===
    99121how do MF/PL members get a voice in the operation of the organization? What should a member who is unhappy with things do to improve matters? How does the organization respond to the needs and politics of its members, including (especially?) those members who are short on money, time and other resources?
     123 * members who are unhappy with the direction can join the relevant working group and shape its course
     124 * unhappy members who are short on time know who to communicate with to have their concerns heard; active participants in a working group have the responsibility to address those concerns.
     125 * the membership meeting serves an important purpose as a forum for members to hear what's going on and give their feedback, and for WGs to encourage the participation of new members