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     1Rasha, dkg, Jamie and I just wrapped up today's phone call. The notes
     2are attached and can also be found in the Riseup pad,
     5We discussed the two proposals at length, then came up with the
     6following next steps:
     8* Rasha will finish drafting a list of different use cases for
     9organizational engagement from different entities and for different
     10purposes; you can see the beginnings of that at the bottom of the notes,
     11and she will also be getting input from the outreach subcommittee to
     12create the list.
     14* Folks who feel an affinity towards one or another of the proposals
     15(leadership committee or working groups) will respond to that list of
     16use cases from the perspective of how they would work if their proposal
     17was implemented. We especially hope that folks other than Jamie, dkg and
     18myself could work on this, since the three of us have already put so
     19much of our own ideas and perspective into the documents.
     21* On Thursday, June 27 at 3:30pm ET we'll have another democracy
     22subcommittee phone call to discuss the use case responses and decide on
     23next steps; one next step might be to then merge the proposals where
     24they are aligned, delineate the places where they diverge, and bring
     25that back to the larger LC at the July LC meeting.
     27Given that, two questions:
     29a) Can folks make a democracy subcommittee call on Thursday June 27 at
     303:30pm ET?
     32b) Would folks like to work with others to come up with use case
     33responses for either the leadership committee proposal or the work
     34groups proposal?