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     1= Democracy Subcommittee Meeting, 2013-01-31 =
     2Who: dkg, Jack, Jamie, Mike, Rasha, Roberto
     3We've decided that our scope of work is to produce two documents:
     4 * Draft constitution covering basic rules of our organizational democracy, not just for the LC but for the entire membership;
     5 * a plan on how to engage the membership in giving us feedback, making changes, and giving the final approval of the document.
     6== Constitution document ==
     7What is the scope for the constitution document?
     8 * ← last year's document
     9 * Since many folks have not read the structure document and did not have a copy in front of them during the call, jamie proposes that we review the existing document and reconvene OR not meet again before the face-to-face but instead use allotted subcommittee time at the face-to-face to work on this. The group agrees, and we scheduled the meeting for 4:30pm ET on Thursday 2013-02-07.
     10 * mike wants us to comment on the document before we re-meet.
     11 * Jamie: we should consider the constitution document to be as loose and non-specific as possible; something that our membership would approve but would be flexible enough to endure for many years. The document is a rough outline; the specifics may change from year to year. E.g. defining subcommittees would be too much detail for this document.
     12 * Jack will send out a reminder email on Wednesday 2013-02-06 and will facilitate next week's meeting.