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    4141   *Cooperativa Frente Norte* Ademas de las necesidades administrativas la comunidad mexicana de MF/PL que pueden resolverse colectivamente a traves de la Cooperativa Frente Norte Trabajo en el diseno de una propuesta que permita replicar en Mexico el modelo de trabajo voluntario con el que funciona MF/PL, que ofrezca soluciones a las necesidades de las organizaciones progresistas mediante el respaldo a techies venidos de las propias organizaciones y la contribucion de trabajo voluntario de tecnicos mexicanos motivados por una orientacion politica. Considero que este esfuerzo es estrategico, pues eso podria en el mediano plazo fortalecer a la comunidad tecnica en Mexico, facilitar el intercambio y la comunicacion con el support-team y comenzar a aportar trabajo voluntario a la administracion de la infraestructura de MF/PL.
     43In early September I began a communication process with Jamie and Alfredo, due to the risk that LaNeta's users community, both organizations and individuals from civil society in Mexico in the progressive sector, were going scattered because of the impossibility of their ISP (Programa LaNeta SC) to continue meeting the needs of technical operation of it's own infrastructure consisting of five physical servers located in Canada.
     45Since then I participated in the process of agreement and bringing togheter Programa LaNeta SC and MF/PL to support LaNeta users interested in continuing their internet activities within a progressive internet service provider. This process of rapprochement and negotiation had two important moments: on October 26 with the visit of Ross to Mexico City where, in a face to face with the community, we announced the start of the transition to MF / PL and on 25 November with the agreement of the details of the transition in which clearly got established the beginning of MF/PL membership starting on December. In all this work is necessary to mention the wise intervention of our Co-Director, Alfredo Lopez, to provide strategic guidance to those agreements.
     47I joined the MF/PL staff formally since November and have attended all areas of this process:
     49'''Collection, accounting and taxes'''
     50To meet the conditions for taking the initial steps of a stable development of the Mexican MF/PL membership and face the impossibility for MF/PL to have a legal representative in Mexico. I had to personally assume legal and tax aspects of the functioning of this community: open a bank account (to receive dues and to transfer these resources to New York) and change my tax situation: for the government have ceased to be an employee , to become an entrepreneur. Legally I am a broker of services -an intermediary-, a situation that must change in the near future through the establishment of the Co-operative Frente Norte (North Front) which will be a collective body to address these needs.
     54I develop work on promoting MF/PL as a members organization that makes it possible to extend the capabilities, in the field of information technology and the Internet, of organizations and people from the political left in Mexico, aiming to expand the technological sovereignty of people. This work has moved rapidly from mass communication through the use of mailing lists to communicate face to face with the organizations to present in detail the proposal to become MF/PL members.
     58I've been following the technical needs of the transition from servers in Canada under iWeb services, to our physical server under the leadership of Jamie, who does a great job both technical and educational (since I've learned lots of new things in this short time). I've also attended some support request from the mexican community in this transitional situation.
     61'''Translation and internationalization'''
     62I started the Spanish translation of the main website prioritizing the most relevant content so the non-english mexican community could understand what is MF/PL and how it works. In this process I have been assisted by Mallory. This work is part of a broader plan of translation that the staff is working on with the enthusiasm of Roberto Tijerina who has joined this efford. This plan also includes the translation of the Control Panel, the support ticket system, The Low Down newsletter and Service Advisories. I have met with Roberto here in Mexico City and has expressed interest in convening the creation of a translation committee with the participation of more people not only interested in providing content translation in English into Spanish, but also from Spanish to English in order to develop greater opportunities for a bilingual MF/PL.
     64'''La Cooperativa Frente Norte (the North Front Coop)'''
     65In addition to the administrative needs of MF/PL mexican members that can be addressed collectively through the North Front Coop, I'm working on the design of a proposal to replicate the model of volunteer work structures of MF/PL into this coop proyect and make a call to techies to bring solutions to the needs of progressive organizations with their support, based in political identity. I believe this effort is strategic here for MF/PL, as it could be, in the medium term, the way to strengthen the technical community in Mexico related to MF/PL and also facilitate the exchange and communication with the MF/PL's support-team and start volunteering to provide infrastructure management to the organization.
    4367=== Hilary: finance ===