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Proposals for 2011 Leadership Committee Meeting

The regular operations of the organization include support, membership processing, server maintenance, and the day-to-day activities required to operate the organization. Regular operations are not included in proposed projects unless they reflect a change or signficant addition to them.

The numbers refer to the program goals identified by members at the September 2011 membership meeting.

Please see our notes on the LC discussion of the proposals


Formalize and expand the support team (Goal #1). The support team has been an ad-hoc group of mostly New York City based technologists. To take our supoprt infrastructure to the next level, the staff will organize regular once-monthly face-to-face meetings to take place simultaneously in three cities to start: NYC, where our core team currently works, Mexico City, to take advantage of the opportunities Enrique and the Laneta expansion has brought about, and Boston to bring in the technologists Ross has been organizing with around Occupy Boston.

General Operating Budget: $1500 for travel, so we can have face-to-face exchanges between cities.
Estimated Staff support: Significant
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-25 8 yes, 0 no
Concern: Decision on who should travel should be made openly and thoughtfully with emphasis on bi-lingual capacity


Continue supporting the United States Social forum (Goals #4 and #5). Continue our role on the National Planning Committee (NPC) as members of the NPC and United States Social Forum leaders. Engage the National Planning Committee in its discussion of the coming Social Forum activities by supporting the proposal, originally made by us at the last NPC meeting, for regional/localized Social Forums with certain activities linked via the Internet as the format for the next US Social Forum. Support the People's Movement Assembly initiative when requested and where the specific PMA fits with our strategic iniatives. Continue to provide full technology support to the US Social Forum process via leadership of the Information, Communication and Technology working group. Organizing a MFPL sponsored Peoples Movement Assembly is not within the scope of this proposal.

General Operating Budget: $500 for supplemental travel (beyond USSF provided stipends)
Estimated Staff support: Medium
Status: Passed via email Jan 31 - Feb 1, 9 yes, 0 no
Previous Status: Revised at LC phone meetng 2012-01-25 to include statement about organizing a MFPL PMP not being within the scope of the proposal, pending vote


Continue supporting the World Social Forum (Goals #1, #2, and #5). Continue work within the World Social Forum (WSF) process. The priority is to attend WSF International Council meetings and the next WSF in 2013. Other important projects include leading the communications work towards 2013 along side organizers in the Mashrek/Maghreb region starting in March 2012. Continue our support of the Palestinian movement with our priority involvement being in the November 2012 World Social Forum on Palestine in Brazil. We can also help to grow MF/PL in two ways with this propsal:

  • we can collaborating with other organizations to bring delegates of MF/PL members to these forums and
  • we can involve our support team in the work directly

General Operating Budget: $3000 for travel to at least one international meeting
Estimated Staff support: Medium
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-25, 7 yes, 1 no; additional $2,000 allocated by email vote 2012-05-21/22, 12 yes, 0 no
Updates: Reference to US Social Forum ICT members was removed for clarity
Concern: Concern was voiced about whether it's the best use of resources


National and International policy work (Goal #5). Continue and reinforce our work in the Association of Progressive Communications. The priority is to attend the next annual APC membership meeting and the Internet Governance Forum. It may additionally include membership in other international bodies such as CSISAC (OECD sub-committee), ICANN, and UN sub-committees.

General Operating Budget: $0 (travel only with outsdide funding)
Estimated Staff support: Minimal
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-25, 8 yes, 0 no


General Support of movements, summits, and critical moments (Goal #5). Aggressively monitor the Occupy movement and specifically work to incorporate into our membership the current 58 Occupy movement members we have. Work on developing a special set of "outreach tactics" to get them to use the various MF/PL systems including our site's blog. Continue in the world Climate Change movement through participation in its activities and support technologically when called for. Increase the capacity and commitment of our support team and members by supporting travel delegations to summits, forums, and other critical moments both internationally and nationally. Specifically, MF/PL's contribution rests on our expertise with Free Software solutions to live video streaming and other on-the-ground technical support solutions.

General Operating Budget: $0 (travel only with outside funding)
Estimated Staff support: Medium
Status: Removed from docket, to be incorporated into general operating procedures for organization; additional $1,100 allocated by email vote 2012-05-21/22, 12 yes, 0 no(this money to be used in our general support for movement building)


Launch the People of Color Techie Training program (Goal #6). Via the People of Color Techie Training Institute, organize a mentor/mentee pilot project pairing MFPL technologists with people of color from the movement who are interested in developing their system adminstration skills. The pilot project will involve 2 mentors, 4 mentees and 4 face-to-face trainings. Conduct the project in partnership with the Praxis Project and the Progressive Technology Project.

General Operating Budget: $4000 (additional funding from Praxis and PTP)
Estimated Staff support: Significant
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-26, 8 yes, 0 no; $4,000 allocated by email vote 2012-05-21/22, 12 yes, 0 no


Build spanish language infrastructure of the organization (Goal #5). Develop a special work team for English to Spanish interpretation which oversees the introduction of Spanish language versions of all MF/PL public documents, notices, advisories and FAQs on the "how-to" pages of our website. Integrate Spanish language options for all official wikis. Maintain at least one native Spanish speaker on staff at all times.

General Operating Budget: $4,000 (for travel for language support team to meet face-to-face)
Estimated Staff support: Significant
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-26, 8 yes, 0 no; additional $2,500 allocated by email vote 2012-05-21/22, 12 yes, 0 no


Launch MFPL member training and feedback series (#2). Organize a total of four face-to-face and four online or phone-based trainings for May First/People Link that cover how to use various pieces of the May First/People Link infrastructure (control panel, webmail, etc.). Sponsor two "member feedback" sessions during the year at which all staff and at least three non-staff LC representatives will be present. At least one non-staff LC member should be involved in organizing these events.

General Operating Budget: $300 (for food and incidentals fo face-to-face meetings)
Estimated Staff support: Significant
Status: Passed via email Jan 31 - Feb 1, 7 yes, 2 abstentions, 0 no
Previous Status: revised at LC phone meeting 2012-01-26 to include sentence about non-staff LC member involvement, awaiting vote


Define MFPL structure and decision making process (Goals #2 and #3). Establish working group from the LC to finalize structure / decision-making process which will be implemented as a "test" during the first part of 2012 and then submitted, after LC evaluation, to the membership for its approval.

General Operating Budget: $0
Estimated Staff support: Minimal
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-26, 8 yes, 0 no


Organize Membership Meeting (Goal #2). In addition to approving the budget and projects for the year (typically done in the first half of the term), empower the Leadership Committee to fully host the yearly MF/PL membership meeting. The LC will be responsible for setting the date and place for Members' Meeting, recruiting people to run for the next Leadership Committee, developing the agenda, running the meeting and, in collaboration with staff, mobilizing members to attend. Date and place for the membership meeting should be decided and announced no later than May 1 of each year.

General Operating Budget: $2000 (materials, space rental, food, etc)
Estimated Staff support: Significant
Status: Passed at LC phone meeting 2012-01-26, 8 yes, 0 no