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    2121The Collaborative Democracy Workshop is a tool in development which, we think, may be used to help facilitate real world consultation on strategies and other issues in the coming period. It is the technological version of a unification center. The Workshop was first tested at the USSF in 2007 and has been our main "contribution" to every conference we attend.
     23We have some proposals in this meeting for doing workshops and extended "consultations" using this tool.
     254 -- Association for Progressive Communications
     27The APC is probably the largest international network of progressive on-line communicator organizations in the world. Founded in the mid-1990's by the Institute for Global Communications (Labornet,Peacenet,etc.), the Association involves non-profit Internet and technology organizations in countries throughout the world.
     29APC has recently been less robust than it has in the past but a new leadership is now involved in reviving it and we have sought to get in on the action. We are now a member of APC.
     31APC has a variety of strategic approaches to different issues and movements but its fundamental approach strongly favors non-governmental organizations of high profile and considerable budget. In short, it's a very different approach from the Social Forum movement (at least the Social Forum movement in this Hemisphere).