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     1= Prioritizing the WSF process =
     3Starting in the summer of 2006, May First/People Link began prioritizing the social forum in our work. We attended and supported the NE organizing work and committed significant time organizing the tech team for the USSF 2007. In addition, we organized a joint workshop in New York and Guatemala for the Americas Social Forum (sending two representatives to Guatemala), we participated in a Network Politics seminar in Berkeley about the Social Forum and network technology, and we are sending a single representative to the World Social Forum in Belem this January (as well as organizing simultaneous workshops).
     5Whereas other political organizations prioritize the electoral process (supporting candidates), or legislation (like Net Neutrality), or international bodies (like the United Nations), May First/People Link has focused most of our resources into the political processes of the social forum.
     7Proposal: May First/People Link should continue our social forum work, specifically:
     9 * Endorsing the [ The Charter of principles]
     10 * Prioritizing internationally focused organizing projects
     11 * Prioritizing movement-based organizing over governmental based organizing