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     1'''WSF 2009
     3We have begun participating in Belem Expanded, an online meeting space between organizers of decentralized activities and activities in Belem (Brasil) during World Social Forum 2009. Our presence on this site has led us to begin organizing between 2 and 5 activities in New York that will connect to Belem. MFPL will act as the NYC host of a week of events during January 29 - February 1 that are meant to establish the NYC activist community as a solid annex of the World Social Forum in 2009.
     5The proposed events are:
     7 - Indigenous Voices film series at Bluestockings Bookstore (1/28/09 9:00 pm)
     9 - Youth Internet Rights workshop at Marta Valle Secondary School (1/27/09 11:00 am)
     11 - Hemispheric Economic Plan using collaborative democracy sofware at Brecht Forum
     13 - ..
     15 - ..
     17'''WSF 2009 and Beyond
     19In addition to these events, MFPL's participation is a process of growing the technology and community of activists from around the world that strives to expand the social forum beyond spacial boundaries.