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Proposal: Leadership Committee Scope and Responsibilities

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  1. Members are available year-round for consultation via the MFPL email list.
  2. Members are available once per year at a minimum for a face-to-face meeting.
  3. Members discuss and determine long-term strategy for the organization in addition to addressing and raising topics related to organizational strategy based on reports given periodically by the co-directors. These strategy decision include making include major decisions on the organization's Internet infrastructure and decisions to join other movements or organizations.
  4. Participate as leaders of a movement-based organization.
  5. Direct the organization in the interest of maintaining a provisional system of resources which is self-sustaining.
  6. Make decisions on membership of the leadership committee through the next meeting, with the end goal of building a democratic process for the entire membership to elect leadership committee members.
  7. Participate in political infrastructure decision-making
  8. Direct on partnering with other organizations and joining or endorsing other synthesizing movements