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Hemispheric outreach

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At this point, many believe that the United States is incapable of resolving its problems on its own. With so much production exported to other countries, an economy weakened by unemployment and useless production (e.g. war), and a currency whose "hegemony" is, at this point, only a matter of international habit (which is being broken more frequently), it's not clear how the United States can emerge form the full-blown depression into which it has been hurtling for the last several years.

Viewed as a unified economy, however, the Hemisphere is more than capable of emerging.

Given the obscene attitude this country's government has had toward the rest of the Hemisphere for decades now, it's difficult to fathom any cooperation inside it. But the truth is that collaboration, at a very deep level, already takes place. Huge gaps in the production process (left by American workers being unwilling or unable to cope with sub-standard employment) are now filled by Latin American workers (many undocumented). At the same time, the flow of American capital back to Latin America is intense. In some Central American countries, money sent back from the U.S. accounts for an estimated 30 percent of the average family yearly income.