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     1= December 2008 Leadership Committee Notes =
     3This document contains very brief notes on the decisions that the leadership committee made. It is not a complete accounting of the meeting
     5== Social Forum ==
     7[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/wsf Prioritizing the social forum]
     9We passed the proposal without modifications. Our discussions raised questions about how to involve more of the membership in decisions like these (we determined that for now, the leadership committee will make the decisions for the organization as we work toward developing a system to involve more members). We also raised the conflict within the social forum over providing a neutral space versus taking a stand on issues. We agreed to support the social forum process without engaging in the conflict.
     11== Hemispheric agenda ==
     13[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/hemispheric-agenda Hemispheric Agenda]
     15We passed the hemispheric proposal without modifications. We discussed the importance of working with other networks to pull it off (such as Right to the City and Solidarity Economy networks). Christy volunteered to help involve MFPL in the upcoming series of national meetings with US Latin American solidarity groups. Louis encouraged us to involve US movement organizations in this work, not just solidarity groups. Makani helped us clarify that our proposal is not to neutrally provide a tool for this work, but to participate with the political agenda outlined in the proposal.
     17== Outreach and Inreach ==
     19[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/discussion/us-movements Outreach and Inreach]
     21We passed the outreach and inreach proposal without modification. We discussed the need to strongly encourage members to place logos/notifications of their MFPL membership on their web sites and email signatures (but not force them to do so). We discussed polling our members to find out the issues they are most interested and concerned about and what their needs are. We also discussed multi-media ways of getting our message out (webinar, video, testimonials etc.). And a concern was raised about crossing the line and being perceived as spammers.
     23== Co-directors ==
     25[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/co-directors Co-directors proposal]
     27We passed the proposal with the [projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/co-directors?action=diff&version=8&old_version=6 minor modification] of including reports on volunteer labor in our reports to the leadership committee.
     29== Leadership Committee ==
     31[wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/leadership-committee-scope Leadership Committee proposal]
     33We passed the proposal with a [wiki:projects/leadership-committee/dec-2008/proposals/leadership-committee-scope?action=diff&version=10&old_version=8 minor modification] to include infrastructure and membership decisions.