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Discussion: US movements

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Currently, Alfredo and Jamie make a lot of decisions around what meetings, conferences and campaigns to attend and put our resources behind.

Although the leadership committee does not need to be involved in every decision, we should provide a broad framework of the political movements, tendencies, and types of organizations that we should be supporting. This framework should be informed by the direction the left is moving and how we want to influence it?

Ground work

  • What ideas or themes do we expect the left to coalesce around in the next year?
  • What sectors (e.g. alternative media, immigrant rights, etc.) are gaining in momentum? What sectors are fading?
  • How do we expect the Obama presidency to affect the left? What positive effects? What effects should be prepared to fight against?


  • What sectors are under-represented in our current Membership that should be better represented?
  • Which movements should we be following? Which movements should we be trying to shape?