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Proposal Narrative

  • Organization mission and vision (0 of 1000 max characters)
  • Brief description of your organization or project. (0 of 1000 max characters)
  • Description of your organization or project for use on our website. (0 of 500 max characters)
  • History of organization and key accomplishments (0 of 5000 max characters)
  • Programmatic overview. (0 of 3000 max characters)
  • Programmatic timeline for the coming year. (0 of 2000 max characters)

(Please detail a project schedule or significant milestone dates for your organization's current activities).

  • Overarching goals of your work. (0 of 3000 max characters)
  • Methods and strategies for achieving your goals. (0 of 3000 max characters)
  • Collaborations and key partners, if applicable. (0 of 500 max characters)
  • Any other plans you'd like to share with us for the upcoming year? (0 of 3000 max characters)

If you have looked three-years out for your organization, what does that organizational forecast look like? Share any long-term goals or plans you might be dreaming up. (0 of 3000 max characters)

  • Programmatic timelines for the coming three years. (0 of 2000 max characters)
  • We believe that success is dynamic, comes in many forms, and is unique to each project and organization. We believe that you do your best work when you define what success looks like in a meaningful way and hold yourself accountable to the standards that you set for yourself. Please share with us what success will look like for you and your project in the coming year. (0 of 1000 max characters)
  • Overview of your development and fundraising plans. If you have a sustainability plan, please share it with us. (0 of 5000 max characters)

Alignment with Kindle Project

In an effort to work collaboratively to build effective strategies, we are interested in how our vision intersects with yours and how we are working simultaneously towards shared goals.

  • What systems change are you addressing in your work? (0 of 1000 max characters)
  • What emerging alternative or solution are you working towards? (0 of 1000 max characters)
  • How can funders be more effective? (0 of 1000 max characters)

We recognize that the field of philanthropy can be more creative, transparent, responsive, and effective. Being on the receiving side of funding, your feedback and critical eye to the field of philanthropy is invaluable. Please share your thoughts on how you think philanthropy can be more effective, more creative, and where it can change for the better.

  • Please share one group or project that you think is doing radical systems change work. (Include any websites or links that may be relevant). (0 of 500 max characters)
  • If you had 967 billion dollars, what would you do? (0 of 500 max characters)