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This page is being used to plan the transition of Philadelphia FIGHT! to a new Debian-based server using the MFPL system.

We are envisioning a multi step process:

  1. Plan integration of Crit Path/MFPL
    • Question: defining an entity for CP as it works with MFPL.
    • Question: defining the user experience as they request a feature provided by CP and MFPL.
    • Question: How do we keep the connection/presence of Critpath within the Mayfirst structure?
      • do they go to our website to create a new list, does it link to Mayfirst, is there a distinction between what is provided to CP users vs. general Mayfirst members?
      • or how can we integrate our website with Mayfirst effectively?
    • Question: what type of control or limitations will CP users have that they are unaccustomed to that we need to alert them to and provide support for? i.e. who creates or is allowed to create a new list? are there limitations to how many lists one person can create if they are a CP user? Does this distinction between CP user and MFPL user even matter?
  1. Setup Debian/MFPL system on dissonance (temp IBM server)
  2. Move DNS to MFPL DNS servers
  3. Move mailman lists
  4. Transition one organization's web/email on new server
  5. Mass migrate all organizations
  6. Reformat axiom, move from dissonance back to axiom

Please post all tickets with the critpath-transition keyword.