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    2828 * An organizer returns from a conference with the list of conference attendees and wants to add several organizations that they met at the conference:
    2929  * Add an ally organization and two contacts from that organization, with one designated as the primary contact
    30   * Add a potential funder
     30  * Add a potential funder (foundation)
    3131  * Add a journalist that might be write favorable articles along with the topics of the articles they would write and the date and notes of the meeting they had with the organizer at the conference
    3232 * A report from an online giving site has been sent with 5 donations. 2 are new donors and 3 are existing donors that need to be updated to reflect the new amounts
    4444== Initial impressions ==
     46=== Jamie ===
    4648I was able to create new fields and new groups very easily. I was impressed with being able to create groups either based on picking individuals to add or based on a query (for dynamic groups).
    5658There's a way to put an email address on hold, but not phone. Good tools for indicating preferred phone and email, however, not built-in for best time to contact (could be easily added as custom field).
     60I had to add a new relationship to define a primary staff of an organization and an extra cup of coffee to wrap my head around Relationship of A -> B, but it only had to be done once and now is available moving forward.
     62As I started looking into how to add a foundation, I explored Grants and was initially confused. I was thinking it was a way to track grant proposals, but it appears to be a way for an organization to grant resources to members or contacts. Probably we'll want to dis-able this module for most organizing groups.
     64I decided to add Foundation, Journalist and Media Organization as tags. Oh my it is easy to add a gazillion checkboxes. Oh no. Danger.
     66I'm not sure the best way to record the issues a journalist covers. It could always be a custom field, however... I wonder if there's a way to specify that a custom field only shows up on certain records?