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    4040 * Generate mailing labels by group/arbitrary search criteria
    4141 * Export records to spread sheet by group/arbitrary search criteria
     44== Initial impressions ==
     46I was able to create new fields and new groups very easily. I was impressed with being able to create groups either based on picking individuals to add or based on a query (for dynamic groups).
     48I got stuck with events. I wanted to add a meeting event. However, CiviEvent seems like over kill and, when I tried to add an activity of type meeting, I was only able to specify a single user. The ability to add meetings for multiple users [ seems to have made it to a list of candidate features for 2.0], however, it doesn't seem to have made the cut. There's another [ discussion about re-doing activities] but it doesn't seem to include the feature of multiple-users for a single activity. It still may be possible, but will require more searching around.