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    204204It looks like [ there was work on integrating phone banking into CiviCRM] but it never got off the ground. However, another developer seems to have taken it up as a [,4628.0.html&nbsp Drupal module]. I haven't tested the code yet but it looks promising.
     206''' How can we configure the dashboard? '''
     208Question continued: Most other organizing databases that I've seen assign people to the organizer who entered them - an organizer can pull a list of "their" members.  I see that CiviCRM does that too - "Assigned to"  right?  What we're wondering on the Dashboard is if you think it would be possible to create sections that show an organizer things like: # of times other organizers have logged in, # of members others have created/updated, # of one on ones - in other words, a sort of snapshot of how other organizers are using the database as implied by statistics about the organizing that they are inputting into the database.       
     210Related to that, can that same info be sent via email to all organizers in the database on a weekly basis (or more or less frequently)
     212Thoughts: CiviCRM allows us to customize the template for the dash board, however, given the exact specificity of what we're looking for here - I would be inclined to write a separate Drupal module that provides the dash board, reports, and links that we want. Then, we can write the custom code to create exactly what we need using either civiCRM functions (ideally) or if necessary write our own SQL queries. We could also implement a Drupal cron job hook that will email them out to whomever we want.