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    33This page will list the features we will be focusing on for the [wiki:projects/crm_review MFPL/PTP CRM review project].
     5The features, in no particular order:
     7*Multi-site access
     9* Exporting sets of data is reasonably easy
     11* Flexible reporting  - users can create reports
     13* Track membership dues, flag “expired” dues payments
     15* Collect/track basic info on individuals – name, address, contact info
     17* Ability to create households
     19* Ability for users to create complex reports (and the queries that generate them).  Example: pull a list of all members in 55104 zip code who were rated 3 or higher when we went door to door about the housing campaign
     21* Ability to define levels of access
     23* Track willingness to volunteer for particular tasks (phoning, door-knocking, mailing, etc)
     25* Track language preference
     27* Track best contact method and best time to contact
     29* Differentiate between types of contacts (member, supporter, ally, funder, etc)
     31* Track where first contacted by organization
     33* Track individual’s demographics (age/number of kids, etc)
     35* Track/assign primary staff contact
     37* Track issue interest in general (housing, education, etc)
     39* Track interest in specific campaigns (no on 98 campaign, Light Rail CBA campaign, etc)
     41* Leadership activities – facilitated a meeting, spoke at press conference, etc.
     43* Status of contact method info – bad/disconnected phone or address
     45* Hold voter information for individual records – precinct/district info, voting history, voter ID number
     47* Track events – ability to track the details associated with event venue, costs, etc as well as ability to track individual’s disposition on the event (contacted, confirmed, attended) and ability to work with event as whole – view contacts for the event
     49* Standard outputs – labels, letters, phone sheets, walk sheets, lists of emails (or connect to external email sending program)
     51* Track history of contacts with a person
     53* Donation and payment history
     55* Relationship to organization (member, board member, journalist, donor, funder etc) is this different from type of contact?  Yes - you can have more than one relationship to an organization
     57* support more than one address per contact
     59*Capacity to use the contact and event history to calculate a “participation” level and therefore allow a leadership level