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    11Phone script for AMC calls:
    3 Hello - ORG
     3Hello - Name of tech or director of organization.
    5 I'm calling on behalf of May First/People Link.
     5I'm calling on behalf of May First/People Link. Are you familiar with us?
    7 MF/PL is...
     7Your organization is a member of May First. This means that it's likely your internet services such as websites, email, and email lists are hosted on servers that we maintain. We're progressive providers, so your affiliation with us is an important political choice for your organization. Not only is our political goal to keep the internet free from corporate and government control by providing a progressive alternative, we also do political work with social movements around the world. May First is itself a non-profit and we have many programs ongoing throughout the year. One of our focuses this year is to hold an assembly on internet technology at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this summer.
    99Are you (is your org) planning on going to the Allied Media Conference this summer?
    11 If no -  introduce conference
     11(if not sure:)
    13 If yes..
     13Well, we've got a lot of information about our involvement on our website. You can also learn more about the conference on the AMC site (continue with Yes scenario).
     15If you can't make it (continue with No scenario).
     17Keep us informed about your intended participation - it's important for us to collaborate with our members on our collective political work towards a free and open internet!
     19(If no:)
     21We're raising funds for our members to attend. We especially hope to bring some new leaders from Mexico who have recently joined May First to discuss how the internet is having an impact on human rights violations in the drug war. Even though you're not able to attend the conference, we're hoping that you can attend our May First fundraiser, happening April 30th in New York. It's at 7 pm, 16 Beaver Street in the Financial District. You could also send a donation online at
     23(If yes:)
    1525Great news!  We're planning a special networking event, the day before the full conference and would love to have you involved.