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May First/People Link -Networking Gathering

  1. Overall, how would you rate this workshop?

3 (1) 4 (6) 5 (8)

  • I thought everything flowed smoothly and democratically, and I was really impressed by who was in the room
  • Awesome conversation and people
  • MOAR [sic] please. Round II: Technology Liberation[[br]]
  • I felt inspired and learned a lot. Great networking opportunity.
  • Great facilitation.
  • It was long and the room needed to be mixed up more than once so we could have a range of expertise/experience shared.
  • Progressive discussion on this topic with very bright minds in the room.
  1. How would you rate the usefulness of the content?

Panel Discussion 3 (1) 4 (5) 5 (7)
Tech Demo 3 (3) 4 (4) 5 (5)
Discussion 3 (1) 4 (3) 5 (11)

  • I really loved the small group discussion. Will take back tech tools to my shop.
  • Discussion after panel could have been moderated a bit more strategically.
  • Presentations were a bit unprepared and scattered, but very informative
  • Demo? Loved the discussion. I felt the “demo”session would have been more useful with a screen projector of the tool (a tutorial, but a visual demo)
  • Great ideas and perspective. Facilities challenge and also facilitation challenged
  • PMA is hard! Not totally clear how to process
  • I wish there was a lot more time for the panel because they asked the right questions.
  • Lightning rounds are good, but did not allow for any literal tech demos
  1. Was there anything missing from the discussion or demonstrations?
  • There could have been more effort to hear from people working directly on or in the tech industry.
  • Never enough time
  • Guidelines of engagement might help set context; step up/step back – use the whoa!; oppression exists but not here. Our practice – we resist
  • Not really!
  • No
  • There was a lot said, still observing (something scribbled)
  • Demonstration of the tools presented (which look great) would have been useful.
  • Practice – hands on with! More space for what people are working on. Could have asked: “What do YOU need?”
  • The time to get to understand where other folks experiences in tech came from (even though there was no hint of bias)
  • Maybe, for the tech demo to have the tools shown on the screen
  • Full day of conversation instead of a 1-hour workshop
  1. What did you like best or find most useful/interesting about the presentation?
  • International perspectives
  • Learning from everyones experience and perspective
  • Leadership in convening this space is huge. Than you this feels like the beginning. ☺
  • The tech tools. Loved Rasha’ framing from the beginning.
  • The chance to have meaningful discussion with such a great group of folks.
  • Thought provoking
  • More time, perhaps more realistic division of agenda time
  • Action points/breakouts in the afternoon. Collaborative preparation of the “document”
  • Great diversity of experience and curiosity of spirit.
  • Open sharing, passion and commitment. Thanks for doing it and my participation.
  • The demos and group discussion because of the selection of who was in the room and how they framed their points.
  • Everything!
  1. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?
  • More facilitation support/prep. Agreement among facilitators about shared practice/structure to hold folks in the space.
  • The room was difficult – I couldn’t see everyone and felt disconnected sitting in the back. But I know that was a logistical problem with the room.
  • Make the PA process more clear, especially the understanding that we’re crafting a statement.
  • “What are you working on?/What do you need?”
  • I would like to see more speaking roles from global partners…
  1. Were your personal learning goals met?
  • Yes
  • Yes. MOAR
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes! Thanks everyone!
  • I didn’t have any specific expectation but found the session highly invigorating, informative, interesting and inspiring.
  • Yes
  • Yes, very much so
  • Yes.

If "No," please describe those expectations that were not met.

  1. Any other comments?
  • Love Mayfirst
  • Thank you! I really appreciated how facilitators remembered my name and addressed my points. I am so glad there was breakfast and lunch so I would really focus.
  • 14 white; 20 people of color; 15 men; 19 women Awesome!!
  • Thanks! Great job ☺
  • Thank you for your work.
  • Thank you for hosting this panel.
  • It’s great to meet other like minds from around the country