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    1010Olinca´s expertise focuses on environmental and gender projects related to information communications and technology (ICTs). She believes in civil society as a key piece for the change with social justice. She has been working with social organizations for more than 20 years. She coordinated LaNeta until 2009. She was Executive Board member and Vice Chair of the global Association for Progressive Communications (APC).
    1111== Mauricio Alvarez - Community Radio Organizer: Mauricio Alvarez (Remote from Mexico City via Skype) ==
     12Mauricio is a community radio activist with 7 years of experience working in both radio production and training for local community radio projects.
     13He is part of the Communications Collective "Voices of the Earth", an collective developing alternative media. He is currently managing the media strategy and communication department of the Center of Ecumenical Studies and is a reporter for "Voces Nuestras" Magazine from Costa Rica
    1314== Ayenay Abye – The Praxis Project ==
    1415Ayenay was formerly the Lead Organizer with Californians for Justice in Oakland and Long Beach, California.  At Californians For Justice AyeNay led a successful campaign, So Fresh, So Clean, winning $16 million dollars for Oakland High School under the landmark Williams v. California Settlement. She has now moved to Washington DC and is the Field Director at The Praxis Project.