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    1 It's going to be a busy conference but let's make a plan to touch base. \\
    2 May First/People Link will be attending the Media policy mixer being organized by
    3 FreePress and MAGNet.
     1= People's Movement Assembly/Network Event Final Communications Push =
    5 We'll snag a table. \\
     3== Email 1: Send Friday June 22 ==
     5Subject: Detroit/Mexico City: MFPL People's Movement Assembly/Network Event at AMC
     7Join us for a meeting about the future of the Internet for movement organizing!
     9Participate on June 28th in person in Detroit or Mexico or participate via the Internet.
     11In Detroit: \\
     12Wayne State University \\
     13Detroit, MI \\
     14Room 2242 of the Keith Center \\
     1510:00 am - 5:00 pm
     17In Mexico City: \\
     18Elisa No. 10, entre Laura y Elvira. Col. Nativitas \\
     19(cerca del Metro Villa de Cortés) \\
     20From 9am local time.
     22Live video stream and text chat address: \\
     23 \\
     2410:15 am - 12:15 pm and 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm Eastern time
     26Presenters: Alfredo Lopez, May First/People Link and the Praxis Project (moderator); Rasha Abdulhadi, Project South/Peoples Movement Assembly; Betty Yu, MagNet; Steven Renderos, Center for Media Justice; Olinca Marino, Laneta and Alliance for Progressive Communication, Mauricio Alverez, Community Radio Organizer Mexico City, Ayenay Abu, Praxis Project; Jerome Scott, League of Revolutionary New Americans.
     28We cannot count on using the Internet in the coming years the way we have used it up to now. Hardly a week goes by without a report of a gross violation of privacy, a security breach, an act of government censorship, or another merger or buyout cementing Internet privatization and the centralization of resources. Someday soon it will be your YouTube video or Facebook page that will be cancelled or removed.
     30As these trends accelerate, they affect our ability to organize. We must take a stand now. The seeds of the next generation of the Internet, one that counters these repressive trends, are currently being planted, but how they grow and what features are prioritized is still to be worked out.
     32At the same time, the people and organizations doing the most important movement organizing are not in the conversation about the direction of the Internet. And worse, racism, sexism and other forms of oppression are difficult obstacles to a on-going and healthy dialogue that ensures Internet development benefits and is guided by organizing priorities.
     34May First/People Link's political work is the Internet. We are a membership organization with over 700 members, from a broad variety of movement organizations, based in the United States and Mexico. We can have an impact on the development of the Internet we need. But only if we are organized and collectively come together, identify and work through forces of oppression, and to define these priorities together.
     36May First/People Link invites our membership and allies to discuss our movement priorities for the Internet, learn about what technologies and policies are being developed now, evaluate them, and make collective decisions on what we as a movement want to use and support in the future.
     38Please join us for a Networking Event/People's Movement Assembly the day before the Allied Media Conference in Detroit (and via Video streaming to the world) on Thursday, June 28, 10:00 am, Wayne State University, Room 2242 of the Keith Center.
     40How to join? Please email if you want more information about the networking gathering. And, please plan to attend the Allied Media Conference.
     42== Email 2: Send Monday June 25 ==
     44Subject: Going to the Allied Media Conference? Join us!
     46It's going to be a busy conference but let's make a plan to touch base.
     48In addition to our networking event on Thursday ( May First/People Link will be attending the Media policy mixer being organized by FreePress and MAGNet.
     50We'll snag a table for MFPL members.
    652Check in with us there to say hello, share stories, updates and refreshments.
    955Wayne State University's McGregor Center Room. \\
     59== Email 3: Send Wednesday June 27 ==
     61[Same as Email 1]