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    1616As these trends accelerate, they affect our ability to organize. We must take a stand now. The seeds of the next generation of the Internet, one that counters these repressive trends, are currently being planted, but how they grow and what features are prioritized is still to be worked out.  This is our task today.  Together we will discuss our movement priorities for the Internet, learn about what technologies and policies are being developed now, evaluate them, and make collective decisions on what we as a movement want to use and support in the future.
     18== Organization Bio: ==
     20May First/People Link (MF/PL) is an organization that redefines the concept of "Internet Hosting Service" in a collective, progressive and collaborative way.  May First/People Link is like a coop: members, pay dues that are used to support a shared internet infrastructure that support websites, email, email lists, and just about everything else we do on the Internet.
     22May First/People Link is a project organized by a group of progressive activists who have been working in the technology sector for years. We provide Internet services and technology organization with a mission to help reclaim the Internet, enhance its function as a tool for mass communication and organizing, develop new technologies and uses for it, and help social justice movements use it effectively.
    2024== Agenda ==