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Move our Telehouse Servers from 25 Broadway to the Telehouse Staten Island facility

This is a proposal for how we could move our servers to Staten Island if we decide to do so (see ticket #1098 for a discussion of the decision).

This proposal makes the following assumptions:

  • Telehouse would allow us to have a 30 day overlap period in which we have access to both centers
  • Telehouse's network connection will allow us to have access to our full IP range in both locations at the same time
  • dkg will be gone for most of July
  • In August we'll start being very busy preparing for the Social Forum of the Americas and possibly the Brazil/Techmeet

Phase 0

Site visit. I'd like us to plan a Staten Island facilities site visit, as soon as possible. Before we make an agreement, it would be good to know what we're getting into, what kind of cabinet to expect, is there wireless access in the lounge, etc. Ideally as many of us as possible would make this trek (Alfredo, Jamie, dkg, Micah, anyone else?).

Phase 1

Phase 1 refers to the first two - three weeks of the overlap period.

  • Install switch. We have a spare Cisco switch at Telehouse which is just there in case our existing switch dies. This should be installed in the new location.
  • Install Baytech RPC power monitors. We have two at Telehouse that are not yet being used. These could be installed in Staten Island.
  • Purchase a lower power, small form factor computer with lots of free PCI slots. Purchase two new Octopus cards and setup a new serial console server in Staten Island.
  • Install new Riseup, MFPL and Tachanka servers

Phase 2

Phase 2 will happen sometime in the last week or two of the overlap period.

Pick a night and show up at 25 Broadway with a van at 2:00 AM. Take down all servers and transport them to Staten Island.

Since we are keeping our IP addresses, in theory, this should just work with only a few hours of downtime in the middle of the night. With a couple extra hours of downtime, we could ensure that all servers are properly rack mounted and really set things up so expansion will be easy.